Red Box Plus @ Pavilion

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Singing K has been part of my favourite activity since I started my Uni life. Usually, I will go to Green Box. For me, Green Box is better than Red Box.

Red Box Plus is newly open at Pavilion, which same floor as GSC. Red box plus have 5 different theme. Go and try all the differences if you're rich. Rich?! Yeap, because the rate isn't cheap. It is totally different compare with Green Box and Red Box.

Thanks to my friends who invited me to join them for the sing k session. Wonder who are they? Scroll down and check it out yea.

***Interior Design***

***Lunch Buffet***

We are ready!!!! Let's sing.........

Keat Meng & Mr. Wai Seng.
Wai Seng who trying to be Master Kung Fu.

Me & Keat Meng.

....... Why you didn't smile? Seem so unwilling....

Steven and me.

Beside guys, there are girls too.
Guess who?

***Crystal, Jess & me***
Yeah! Three of us.

Thanks to Mr Wai Seng for this photo.

Wanna see our most silly, crazy but memorable photos?

The muscle pose.

Group photo. See the guy behind!!!! Show-ing off...

Acting cute? or......

Can't see, can't talk, can't listen!!

See! All of us were so happy.
I don't know what made me so happy.

Mm...... Wai Seng's piggy face..

Waiting for the money drop from the ceiling. Ehheee..

Before we leave Red Box Plus.

Although first time went to sing k with them but I still have lotsa fun. Nice to have all of you as my friends and it was a great meet up. When we will go for another sing k session?

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  1. Wow, so many posings ya! Hehe... Wai Seng is so funny lar, seldom to see he acted like this neh!!!

  2. Akira,
    Ehhe... yalo... keep on posing posing....
    HE didn't post up, so you can't see lo..LOL!!!!

  3. nice nice nice...
    sing k...
    siok nia....

  4. 1st time sing K? I think u will addict on it~~ha!

    Heard that Redbox Plus is dearer...not sure, never been there yet.


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