The Trip - Final Part

Friday, October 17, 2008

Come to the last part of my 1 day trip at Melacca. Here is the Part 1 & Part 2.

After we visit the tower and the ship, we're quite tired. So we decided to ride beca. I think it's a must for all the tourist when come to Melacca right? We rent the beca for half an hour, so the pakcik will bring us around. He is so kind and friendly.

***Sweet Love ***

Do you remember this?
We study in our Sejarah.

3 inch shoe.

You can't miss out the Chicken Rice Ball when you come to Melacca.

***Reddish Wall @ Interior***

We ordered 2 types of rice ball. The original and yam rice ball. Both are yummylicioussssss.

***Thumb Up***

After lunch, we walked to the back of the restaurant.

The design is good and I'm wonder why all this at the behind of restaurant? Who will know about this if there is no one go to toilet and passby here? Mmm....

The KING...

....and the Queen.

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  1. The king and queen! Wow, so cool! Hehe... Feeling like real one...

  2. Finally!
    Chicken Rice balls!
    Lolx...miss it so much.
    But you and your bf order quite alot.

  3. King and Queen...Super cute pictures :D

    p/s: i don't think i have to comment about the foods... I'm starving!!!

  4. Akira,
    Ahha~ Yaya... Both of us just playing around... ^^

    Ya, quite a lot. Actually the chicken and "char siu" we order is for 1 person each, but duno why they gave us so much.. The "chat siu" is not nice.. =(


  5. I suddenly feel wanto have a melaka trip after my exam while reading ur Melaka Trip post part 1 and 2.....

    I think I ll...ur post inspire me to go...ha!

  6. Lulu,
    Ahhaaaa... Go Melacca, even 1 day trip also good right?!!!! ^^

  7. that's the cannon i sat on. HAHA


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