The Trip - Part 1

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We went to Melacca before he leave to UK. It was one day trip because his time is really pack and busy with all the stuff to UK. He promised, we will go to Malacca again after he back to Malaysia. *I'm waiting. Don't break your promise ya.*

On the way.
I'm excited and he seem a little bit tired cause the night before, he don't have enough sleep.

We had our breakfast at Melacca.
Lion recommended this dim sum shop to me.

Thie porridge is nice, especially with the yao zhar guai. I it.

After breakfast, is time for us to visit Melacca.
I'm sure you recognize this building right?

Although this is not the first time I went to Melacca but this is the first time I went to Melacca with my one.

It's Saturday. There are so many visitors.

Christ Church Melacca.

There are many stall along the street. So we tried on the....

Yeap! Cow Boy hat.
Looks great, isn't?

I'm the Cow Girl! Ehhe~

The playful side of my one.

After that, we heading to the musuem at Red House.
I'd visit this musuem before and I still visit again.


Plate into pieces.

Looks real huh? It's a drawing.

I miss you......

....and you miss me.

There are too many photos to share. So, I will post it part by part.
Good night and have a good rest.

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  1. Waseh
    So ngam with my today post!
    You and your bf didn't try the chicken balls rice?

  2. Wow, ngam with Jerome neh... Long time didnt go to Malacca too, have to find somedays and go for it! Hehe...

  3. JeromeFo,
    Haha... SO ngam geh!!! Or u follow me? =D I tried the chicken rice ball ar.. But haven blog about it yet.. hehe.. Part by part, coz too many photos..

    Haha.. yalo... so ngam... Go with ur girl la.. ^^


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