The Trip - Part 2

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Continue with the previous post. After we went to musuem at Red House, then we walk around. We plan to visit Menara Tamingsari. While on the way to Tamingsari Tower, we saw the abandon train.

I think abandon train is one of the favorite for most of the photographer. Agree?

Look like London bus huh? Maybe cause of the RED color.

Finally, we reached here!


This is Tamingsari Tower which is the only rotationg tower in Malaysia.
The height is 80 meters and a view of 5km.

We're waiting for others.

GUESS what we do while waiting?

Ehhe.... Keep on playing with the sword!!
Silly & playful us.

Forever... He is so playful. It's his character, can't change.

Finally, the tower is rotated.
This is one of the view of Melacca I took from the tower.

While the tower is rotating.
The tower won't stop rotate even it is on the top.

The ticket price for tower is RM20. But if you show them your I.C to prove that you're Malaysian, then the ticket price will be RM10

After that, we heading to this ship. Yeah! It's a musuem too.

I will continue with the final part of our sweet and memorable Melacca trip.
Stay Tuned.

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  1. Eh, got double decker at there? How nice!!!

  2. Akira,
    haha!!! Yalo... At the road side. =)

  3. dun perasaan"
    i didn't follow you xD
    But you managed to take the London Bus pic!!!! Arghhhhhh!
    I miss it ><

  4. haha, got sword to play~

    Is that bus really working or just for show?

  5. Jeromefo,
    Hehe... perasan...
    Ya, the London Bus looks cool huh? but u can go to Genting there take this photo ar.. Got a london bus there too... ^^

    Wai Seng,
    Hhhahaaa... Playful us..
    Is working 1 ar... That time not even one passenger on the bus.. =.=


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