Gift far from west

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This 2 days was a happy day for me. Firstly, yesterday I get an email from boss' wife. She said my technical drawing was PRO and fanstatic. Of coz will feel happy when your boss praise your right?

Secondly, today I get a gift far from west. It's a very very very very very expensive gift.

SAMSUNG i8510 INNOV8!!!!!

This handphone was just released on September 2008 and it is quite expensive. There are many functions. The most important is the 8MP of camera!!!!!! 8MP!!! It was the first ever 8 Megapixel camera phone. There are WiFi and Real Player too, means I can online where ever provide WiFi and I can watch my favorite drama whenever I feel bored while waiting for friends or LRT (but nowadays, I seldom take LRT).

More detail info about INNOV8, just get it from HERE!

I never use Samsung hp and this is the first time in my life. Yeap, it's from my bf and it took around 2 weeks to reached Malaysia. I can feel the sweetnesssssss. He choose to use the old and stupid Nokia hp and send this back to me. *touch-ing*


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  1. Wow, congratz for being a job well done ya!!!

    Walau eh, the hp is not cheap ler...

  2. Wahseh
    What a good bf you hv* =)
    Too bad im NokiaFan
    Only use Nokia ALLthe time...

  3. Akira,
    Thx for your wishes.. ^^

    Lolz... Can try to use others also.. =)

  4. Nice one!! You finally bought a new hp!! Awesome!!

  5. Wow, an 8MP camera in a phone? That's crazy.

    Mine is 2MP (Samsung Glyde).

  6. wah...
    so nice...
    it was so touching n lovely...
    sweet sweet lo...


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