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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My lovely friends and dearest bloggers,
I got a message from a girl name Kathy.

She is doing online business now and she request to advertise her website on my blog. She told me that their items are from Taiwan and they will update every Wednesday and Saturday. So, feel free to drop by her website. Get the items you wish to from there.

Happy Shopping.


Online shopping is no longer new in our generation, especially in fashion...

I believe most of us here had some experience with online boutique. Whether through Forum or blogspot.. but here's the question, there are more than hundreds of online boutique in Malaysia now a day, which one should i go for? Which one can i trust? And most importantly, which one could give me the best value?

As a smart consumer, we have to make the most of our rights, since we already spending our hard earned money, why don't we spend it for best in class service, fastest delivery/response and the best of all, it all comes with a professional e-commerce system.
Introducing the Fashion Dreamworks Station -

1. Because It offers the best in class service - a friendly customer service is reachable throughYahoo, MSN, Skype, or even through Phone. She is ready to answer all your question regarding size, quality, stock availability or the latest promotion - in English, chinese and Malay!
Best of all, you do not have to listen to the annoying computer generated customer service voice system.
All you need to do is click on these button.
(Click on image for enlarged view)

2. Because it gives the best in class quality - Customer do not need to worry of getting defective item as all products will be checked twice by quality control workers before ship. All the product's quality is strictly controlled to minimized risk of defect.
3. Because its delivery is pretty darn fast! - It enables customer to get their beloved clothes in the shortest possible time because all the stocks are ready stock. Order today - pay today - received next day (term & conditions apply).
4. Because it is really informative - All the information you need are few clicks away. It understand the biggest concern of online shopping : Similarity of Displayed Picture vs Actual product.
It classified all its product with different rating to help customer understand more on the product - Product being place in the category with more stars are product that have better similarity to the display picture.
It also provide the actual size measurement/material of th product to help customer to understand the product better.
(Click on image for enlarged view)

Example product with 5 Stars

5. Because it is reputable and creditable - It has received multiple good comments from it customers in terms of service and delivery. Watch yourself!
and Finally..
6. Because you can trust it - is run by a registered company - Hot Dream Enterprise. Company details and profile is registered under the registration number- Co.No.NSOC33757-H

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today to learn more about it. Happy Shopping!

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  1. hey, i've been shopping there for a while.. never tot they find you to advertise for them.. delivery is very fast compare to other...

  2. haha, you advertise for her do i..


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