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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's not early to have a merry merry christmas.
38th days later is Christmas Day.

I love Christmas.
I miss the good old times with my sister and brother in christ.
On the Christmas eve, we went for carolling from house to house.
What a blissful moment.

After that, we will went to one of our church member's house to have dinner.
There, we will sing christmas carol too.
On 12am we will shout "Merry Christmas!!!!" and exchange christmas present.

Miss it sooooo much!!!!!!
I miss all my sister and brother in christ (in my hometown-Kuantan).

Anyway, another out of topic here.
One of my sister & brother in christ (Erin & Hong) will getting marry on this coming Sunday.
Of coz, I will go back to Kuantan to attend their wedding ceremony.
I'm looking forward.

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  1. well, sriously cant wait for christmas already especially my church's christmas production.. im sure its gonna be a blast.. if you'e free, u can invite some friends though.. it's on the 19-21st =D

    looking forward to it.. haha -D whats ur plan for christmas then?

  2. Andrew,
    Wow!!! Sounds great. I would like to join u guys if I'm free.. Hmm.... mostly I will back to hometown for the christmas celebration. Still haven decide yet. ^^

  3. JingerBell*
    I want Christmas present!
    LOl.Time pass really fast!
    another christmas again*
    MerryXmas in advance!

  4. I love X'mas too.
    I'm waiting for its coming here.

  5. Jeromefo,
    haha... how i wanna give u the christmas present? Merry christmas in advace to you too ^^

    Fong Yee,

  6. what is ur xmas wish list? I wish my traffic can hit 1000/days... haha

  7. Calvyn,
    lolz... I just wish to get any christmas present.. =)


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