I ♥ Full House 1 - First Date

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A little update about my recent life.
I was so tired in the last few days especially after back from work. I have no time to blog cause I have to rest early. Insomnia always came to me when I was really tired and wish to have a good rest. I have no idea why? Anyway, I reached my home sweet home last night. Tomorrow, I will attend one of my church friend's wedding and I'm looking forward. It will be a great and awesome one.


Let's back to the main reason of my post.
Had a great date with one of my girl - Crystal. It's our first date. The lucky one or should I said that I'm the lucky one.. (◕‿◕✿)

We went to Full House (their website is under construction) which is at Nui Ze Xui (NZX) @ Ara Damansara. Full House is a lifestyle store and cafe. You can dine and shop at the same time. As what Crystal wrote in her blog "Seriously, Full House is a nice place for photo shooting." and I totally agree. I've lotsa photos to share with all my friends and readers so I will post it part by part. I knew, there is someone who keep on waiting my post. Ehhe.. You know who you are.. (◕‿◕✿)

Cozy little house.

For me, this is their tread mark.
Mini cooper at the entrance.

This is just after Mini Cooper.

Well, you can choose to sit here...

.... or here...

...but me and Crystal choose upstairs.

***Full House Menu***
You won't see any real foods photo in their menu. They show it to their customer in other way which I like it so much.

Attractive huh?
A very simple drawing that brings out everything.

Foodsssss... Where's the foods?
Me and Crystal ordered set lunch.

A little comment and suggestion from me, set lunch is worth and I suggest go for set lunch and there is no set dinner. Here you go.

A little deco on the table.
...and I was told by Crystal that you can get this from Ikea. Really?

***Lime Tea***

Showing off some photography skills. Ehhe..
..but not really satisfied with the outcome. **I will improve**

***Mushroom soup***
Yummylicioussss... Hmmm.. Maybe I'm too hungry since this the first meal of the day.

***Cabonara Spaghetti***

***Dori Fish***
It's quite small portion actually but I feel full with the set.



Guess what? Price for the set lunch start from RM10.90 to RM15.90 depends on which set lunch you order. Cheap and worth it right?

Full House is really full house huh. (◕‿◕✿)

We had a great day.

p/s: Dear, I'm waiting for your return to bring me here again. Promise ya.

Coming up next,
I will share more about interior and stuff selling at Full House .

So, if you like Full House, Please stay tuned.

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  1. Cool Cool Cool~~
    I'll meet you there :p

  2. Akira,
    Yes.. Really..

    are you sure? OK then.. make it after u come back ya.. =)

  3. Hi, may i know where is this Full House? Is really unique...


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