RM2 Promotion

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Every year, Sushi King will have RM2 promotion for almost all the sushi. Since I'm sushi's lover, of cause I won't miss out. It was the last day of the promotion. After work, I went to the nearer Sushi King with my coursemates.

Inari is my favorite. Truely can't miss out!!

Above all are RM2 only. Worth huh?

Unfortunately, 3 of this is not included in RM2 promotion.
*Baby Octopus is my favorite too*


Many people were waiting at outside. Luckilly we went early.

I look tired after work.

Happy moment!
(will always in my memory)

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  1. This time I didn't go for this, as I hate to wait for the queue, haha...

  2. Akira,
    Haha!!! We also queue but we only wait for awhile. =)

  3. You look happy when gather around with your friends!! Stay lovely always :)

  4. Beverly,
    Really? Thx Bev...I promise I will be happy always... =) Same to you too..

  5. COOL ~ I love sushi so much !! Nice to know you ...

  6. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!
    I miss SushiKinggggggggggggg!
    *Suffering in Bristol now*

  7. Arrowouiz,
    Nice to know you too ^^

    Don't have any sushi at Bristol? nvm, u can try to make it by urself~ =)

  8. i m sushi lover also! but when is the RM2 promotion always?

  9. Got la.
    In Cabus Circus, City Centre.
    But expensive to me la.
    [althought i didn't go there and try it out XD]

  10. Hey yvon, I m here :)
    Which sushi king u went for?
    I went to the MV one and they didn't provide such variety as yours!!!

  11. Waww...u muz reach very early! I always miss the RM2 promotion coz I was too lazy to queue...

    Btw, I can c many IND juniors!


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