Hong & Erin's Wedding

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Purposely back to Kuantan to attend Hong and Erin Jie's wedding. I'm so happy for both of them. Me and Erin Jie was pianist in our praise & worship team. I miss the moment we serve together at church.

She is very pretty and a great piano teacher.

Hong & Erin. They knew each other at church.

Here are some of their studio photos.

We went to Erin Jie and Hong's house early in the Sunday morning. It was a sunny day. Thank God for the great weather and everything going smooth.

At Hong's house.

Photographer who teach them how to pose.

I ♥ these photo.

Wedded bliss.

Family member.

My family with the prettiest bride and the handsome one.
Lunch buffet at restaurant.

Me & Sook Fun. ***Miss you so much.***

Pray to God that Erin Jie and Hong will have a happy life and family.

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  1. Erin is so pretty in every photos! erm...i guess she is a very young bride...

    You oso look so great with the dress, y never take a self portrait? :)

  2. Lulu,
    YA, indeed.. she's really pretty.
    Self_potrait? dun 1 la.. ehhee


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