Majolica Majorca

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How you utilize public holiday yesterday? I guess most of us went to shopping right? Shop for Christmas dress & gift and of cause for CNY.

I went to Sunway Pyramid with a friend. There are only both of us but we enjoyed. I the Christmas deco at Pyramid. I will share it on the coming post. In this post, I wanna share a beauty product with you.

I got a mascara for myself. Yeah! It's Majolica Majorca. It's quite famous and hottest brand in Malaysia now. I think you should know right? *Please update yourself if you don't know.. Hee..*


This is the comb.
There are 2 kinds of brushes for this mascara. One of it is shown as above (comb) and another one is brush (same as the one we usually use).
Give it a try. I get good review from my friends.

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  1. wonder is it so good? the japanese word stated it would make your eyes look bigger... true? you tried/tested it before?

  2. lcfu,
    Hi friend.. I used twice. and I love it... Make my eyes look bigger? Hm.. i dun think so.. but at least, my lashes look nice after apply Majolica Majorca mascara... =) *winks*

  3. oooo~~~ i wanna get one of those too~ :) simply a girl's best friend~


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