After 2 years

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My brother (in christ) back from New Zealand after work at NZ for 2 years. He will back to NZ end of the month. Meet with him after the 4th day he back to Malaysia. We meet up at Mid Valley.

Christmas is around the corner. I bet everyone is busying shopping for Christmas dress and present. At the same time, shop for CNY too. The christmas deco at Mid Valley quite disappointed. I still in love with their Christmas deco which is 2 years ago (and if you still remember).

***Decoration @ Mid Valley***

Matthias who back from New Zealand. Still the same look, didn't change at all but I saw the fatty fatty tummy.. ehhe..

Meet with Aunt Yuet Ping too. (Matthias's mummy)

***Decoration @ The Garden***

It's simple but looks elegant. I like it.

Me @ The Garden.


Nice one. Love this pic, bro.

This is the second time I stepped into The Garden. It's totally different from my last visit. There are more shops and restaurants. We spotted a Taiwan Restaurant and many customers. So we decided to give it a try.

***Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant***
Out of my expectation, their foods ain't expensive. You can get a set of meal start from RM18 or RM20.

I love to drink rose tea.

***Beef Noodle Set***

Overall, taste ok ok la..

***Taiwan style popiah***

I got 2 gifts from Matthias who brought from New Zealand.
***Peanut Chocolate***
Yummylicious.. Wish to have more..


Strawberry from New Zealand too.

Thanks brother..

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  1. Lovely pictures~~ You look fabulous ^^

  2. Wow, beautiful Xmas decorations there!!!

  3. Akira,
    I love Christmas as well too =) So exciting now...

    Thx girl... ^^

    Hm... not bad la... will go to the curve this weekend.. *winks*

  4. wow... the food looks delicious!!!
    yum yum..

  5. wow...
    delicious lo...
    make me hungry....


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