More Christmas Deco?

Friday, December 12, 2008

In the previous post, I'd share the Christmas deco at Mid Valley. Let's move forward to KLCC. Went to KLCC at 4pm with all colleagues on the last Friday.

Yeap!! We work until 4pm then headed to KLCC. Don't envy me! hehe.. Everyone of us get a Lacoste polo tee from our boss's wife.. *Thanks Melissa* It's so expensive for just a piece of polo tee which cost RM259.

While everyone is at the Lacoste shop, me and another 2 colleague step out and here what we had.

Still, I'm quite disappointed with KLCC Christmas deco too.

Hmmm.... For me, their deco is too simple. Maybe, maybe I have high expectation or demand on Christmas deco. Just because I'm a Christian?? Of cause, NOPE!

One of my colleague - Wei Kee.
I this.

Me me me...
Sadly, my colleague focus on wrong position! She accidentally focus on the Christmas tree and I'm blur... sob~~~~

We're having fun.

Wei Kee & Ching Wen.
Three of us are very good friend in office. Thrill~~

If you don't feel bored with my Christmas deco post,
then stay tuned, more to share.

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  1. wow is that polo tee your bonus or christmas gift?

  2. lcfu,
    erm.. both oso not.. Just a gift.. =)

  3. I didnt have the chance to take xmas deco photos yet...

  4. Love the X'mas tree! I didn't celebrate X'mas is M'sia for about 4 years... Kind of miss that...

  5. Check this out, sure u love it,

  6. haha, i feel the background of your photo is quite decorated d~

  7. this year all cut budget deco simple a bit la...wat to do..

  8. 海贼Lock,
    Hm... for me, still ok la.. hehe =)

    Ya wor, cut budget!!! haha..


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