Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm really tired. Last night slept for 4 hours only due to rush a web design for client. This will be a very shot post.

After back from work, I saw a red envelope on the table.
Wow!!! It's a christmas card far from west. Yeap! It's from my dear. Although it is a very simple christmas card that you just can get it from book store or shopping mall but I still feel warm.

The stamps still can re-use since there is no cop. Thril....

To my precious darling bear..
Although this year I cannot be with darling,
but I'm always with darling.. (my heart)..

Sweet... sweet... sweet...


Last week, I got a post card from UK too.
Guess who?

He went to London and not forget to bought us (bloggers) London postcard.

YES! Jeromefo - The Paparazzi.
(A guy who studying law in Bristol, UK)
Thanks friend.

Although (yeah! "although" again!!) it is just a postcard but when I received this postcard, I just hardly to describe the feeling. I'm serious and real. Nowaday, technology is around us. Seldom people still will write or post letter / postcard. So, thank you again, Jeromefo.

Both card are one of my best christmas gift this year.

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  1. I received a postcard from Jerome too! His writings are so neat!

  2. LOL.
    So many advertisement of me XD
    No problem*
    Will spam your mailbox if im in good mood!=P

  3. Akira,
    Yeah! Jeromefo's hand writing is neat..

    lol!! dun spam my mailbox plsssss...


  4. hohohoho merry christmas =)
    *greeting from hk*

  5. so sweet...
    so romance....


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