Christmas Dinner

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last year christmas wasn't same with previous 3 years. I back to Kuantan on the actual day of christmas and had a great christmas dinner with my beloved family right after I'd arrived. We had our dinner at Restaurant Black Canyon.

It was my first time dine in there. I quite satisfied with their foods. *yummy*

Black Canyon @ East Coast Mall

I ordered Christmas dinner set which include:

Black Hazelnut Shake
Taste good with caremeal.

Homemade French Style Tomato Soup
A little bit sour but taste good too.

Grilled Mint Flavored Lamb
This is the main course. Yummylicious

Dessert-Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake
I can't finish it, I'm too full but it taste delicious.. Frankly, almost all the foods are great. I will pay a visit again soon, maybe when I back to Kuantan for CNY.

I'd forgot the name of this dishes.

and served with tomyam soup.

Sister @ Yuki.

Chicken Chop...

...which ordered by younger sister @ Phoebe.
She can finish everything, a little girl but with BIG appetite. Envy both of my sister who are so skinny. WHY I'm so fat?!!? SOB!

Fish & Chips...

...which ordered by daddy.

Where's mummy and her foods? Opps.... I forgot take photo for mummy. *piak piak* So sorry.. but mummy didn't order any food cause 4 of us give her some and she feel fulled. Hehe... We had a great night and I feel bliss with my family.

p/s: I feel sooooo hungry when I blogging and saw all these yummylicious foods because I didn't take my dinner.

CNY soon, and I can't wait to back to Kuantan.
Reunion dinner with family and relatives.
(Can't wait, and this year, our reunion dinner will be a little different. We decided to have reunion dinner at chinese restaurant @ Hotel Mega with relatives.)
Gathering with friends.
Eat Eat Eat!!!!
Ang Pow!!! LOL
and I will meet some one whom I misssss so much.
Make it a little mystery.
I will tell you later later later later.....

Have a great day, my friend.
Good night.

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  1. Wow, that is a nice dinner! I'm aiming at the dessert! XD

  2. i like black canyon coffee!!

    ryc : erm i am now back to msia =)

  3. Dear Akira,
    LOL.. the cake is really nice.. :P

    Dear Sock Peng,

    Dear lcfu,
    Oh? Next time i gonna try their coffee.. BAck for cny huh..

  4. I never can imagine black canyon served such yummilicious food !!!
    gotta give it a try !!
    thx for sharing!!

  5. Dear Bell,
    Erm... It didn't disappointed me, really. Give it a try.. =)

  6. wah...
    bad yvonne...
    always blog the food...
    make me hungry all the times...


    wow... the food very delicious leh...
    how much for each kind?

  7. Dear Deejay,
    Haha... delicious huh...
    I forgot the price for each foods... but won't more than RM15 or RM20..

  8. hahaha.
    your sister yuki looks cuteeee! =)


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