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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me and Wei Wei went to shopping together for our Christmas present and dress. It was the first time I shop for so many hours - 9 hours. Our first stop is at Pavilion, then we headed to Sunway Pyramid. *I will post many photos in this post because I wanna finish christmas post asap. Too many photos are waiting me.. hehe*

Christmas deco @ Pavilion

Christmas Tree cookies

Some random shoot.

Christmas tree at Pavilion is quite ugly eh.

I like christmas deco @ Pyramid. This is the second time I went to Pyramid before Christmas.

Nice huh? I like it.

She is a Topshop lover.

Nice photo by Wei Wei.

She directly wear the cap after bought it from Topshop.

... and I bought a scaft from Topshop.

After shop for so many hours, it's time for us hunt for foods. She suggested we have Japanese foods as our lunch @ dinner.

Posing while waiting foods.

The focus was NOT on me.
Wei Wei was trying and learning the photography skills.

I tried on spicy beef noodle. Taste not bad and spicy enough.


Taste normal but it's delicious when you're really hungry. Thrilled...

We continue to shopping after meal.

They are so pretty. Can't wait to bring them home it is quite expensive.

Frosty the snow man...

Angel.. who always be with us no matter where we are.

It was a very very very tiring day, but...

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  1. I like the xmas deco in KL, but in Penang dont have such nice deco also...

  2. wah... nice leh...
    jealous lo...
    if i were in kl...
    sure shoot a lot photo....

    wat camera use?
    seem like is dslr...

  3. Dear Akira,
    Ya, i like christmas deco at kl too. My hometown also don't have such beautiful deco..

    Dear Deejay,
    Your eyes are shapre..
    Yup, I'm using Canon 1000D for all the photos in this post...


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