Happy Chinese New Year

Friday, January 23, 2009

I was so busy.... Been more then a week I didn't update my blog. Every works need to be complete before CNY. Since CNY is around the corner (3 more days), I should update my blog to shout "Happy Chinese New Year" to everyone here.

I have sooooo many photos to share, especially Christmas and my birthday. Gonna update as soon as possible after CNY. I will back to Kuantan on coming Saturday and have many plans during CNY. Looking forward!!!!!! Exciting....

Last Friday, had a little photo shooting with colleagues at office.

Three of them are from admin department.

Gong Hei Gong Hei!!!!!

We mandarin orange!!!


I will see you guys after cny.

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  1. Hi there, nice blog here. By the way, I think I know one of your colleagues inside those photos. She is same secondary school with me. Anyway, have a nice day. See ya.

  2. happy new year to you, yvonne....

    got a lot of leng nui lo...

  3. hohoho, guess you could have a break during the weekend before chinese new year =) anyway gong xi fa cai

  4. Dear Akira,
    Happy New YEar!!! =)

    Dear Ben,
    Hey hey.. I dy reply in ur post dy.. hehe

    Dear Deejay,
    Happy new yr.... of coz many liang nui la, i'm one of them ma... lol

    Dear lcfu,
    Yeah!! i wish i could hav a great break too... but seem impossible.. haha.. sure always slp late at nite.. it's cny~~~~~

  5. Mydear daughter!
    I want ang pau xD

  6. of cos la...
    the most beautiful one of all...


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