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Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm BACK!!!
Christmas passed... New Year passed..
but I'm still in Christmas mood. (◕‿◕✿)

I wanna introduce a friend of mine. She's quite special for me. How special?
We are from same hometown. We knew each other when we're in same primary school. We study in the same secondary school when we're in pre-u. We enter into same uni and study in same course. When we're in primary, we even learn drawing from the same teacher.

That's her-Wei Wei.
This is the first shoot by me after my friend bought Canon 1000D. The quality still not bad.

We tried on Starbucks Christmas drink. I like dark cherry mocha.

Our favorite muffin - Banana muffin.

She bought a new hp - Nokia E71.
After few weeks use it, she said the camera quality is totally bad. Although it is 3.2mp, but even Sony Ericsson 2.0mp is better than this.!

and this is Salleh. The guy who bought Canon 1000D and I'm helping him to get a great bargain. Thrilled..

What do we do while drinking at Starbucks?

You know you love me.
Gossip Girl..

We start crazing with new dslr.
*I love you, thanks for being my friend*

True Friendship.

Christmas deco @ Low Yat.

Jingle Bells.. Jingle Bells....

I pray to God that our true friendship will last forever.
Thanks for by my side and be with me when I need you.

p/s: All photos above were taken by Canon 1000D

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  1. Dear Akira,
    My fren get if for RM1990 include kit lens, screen protector, bag, 4GB memory card, lens filter..
    Erm... i think that's all if i'm not mistaken.. If juz for body then will be only RM1880.. =)
    You wanna get 1 too? I think will be cheaper if u get it later..

  2. ur canon 1000D really give a real touch for portrait! i din noe much about camera, is it new release?

  3. Dear Bell,
    It's not mine, it's belong to my friend.
    Ya, Canon 1000D can produce the great outcome too.
    It's not really new but it's juz few mths release in market..

  4. ei~~is junior WeiWei n Salleh wor...

    I think both of ur shoes even the picture is so small hiding over there....keke

  5. wahseh....
    frenship forever ya, yvonne...

    ur photo skill is improving...
    very nice...

  6. Dear Lulu,
    Yaya... 3 of ur juniors..
    Wow!!! U're really my loyal reader. Look at every single pic.. =)

    Dear Deejay,
    Thx friend.. I will keep on improve..


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