Sleepless Night

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's 1.45am.
I just can't sleep.
Maybe I sleep too much in the evening.
So, I decided to blog.
Well, no christmas post this time *but maybe next post. ehhe*

Thanks to yesterday with no regret.
I'd a great dinner and sing k session with friends until 3am.
That's why I keep on sleep in the great Sunday.

When you can't sleep and when you're alone at night,
then you might think and miss your loves one.

Yeap, I miss him.
I gonna share part of his life at UK.

Friends are so important when you at foreign country.
It was a great meal with the Malaysian. (He told me)

Looks yummy huh.
Cooked by one of his girl friend. *SALUTE!!*

One day trip to Birmingham.
It was his first trip @ UK.

Second trip @ Bath, Somerset.

I google it and found that this place is quite interesting.
It will be in my uk trip list.

University of Bristol.

One of his best friend-Dennis who studying in Bristol.

Trip to Prague, Czech Republic.

Great environment and nice foods with bunch of friends.

It's autumn, somewhere in Prague.

He looks like a korean in this photo and he told me that some people thought he's really a korean. I've a korean bf. hehe...

He went to Newcastle & London during winter holiday.
This photo was taken somewhere at Newcastle.

The House of Parliment.

Long queue during boxing day which is the day after Christmas.
Many things are selling super cheap on the day and you can get branded stuff with the cheapest price ever.

I miss you, silly boy.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I had a sleepless night also, thinking about what should I do for incoming projects... :P

  3. u have new header !
    yea u definitely have a korean bf~~cute huh!!
    this is my 1st time "really" see ur bf @ ur blog neh :P

  4. Dear Akira,
    Oh.. always sleep late not good for health.

    Dear Bell,
    haha... if u read my previous previous previous post, sure u will see his photos in my blog...

  5. if u cant sleep at night , try drink lemonade or orange

  6. wah...
    very nice lo...
    ur darling went to a lot of place..

  7. it is always hard to sleep if you have something up in your mind =)

  8. Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx for ur good recommendation.. =)

    Dear Deejay,
    Yalo.. envy him la.. hehe

    Dear lcfu,
    I didn't think anything, out of sudden i miss him when i can't slp.. lol.. =) Anyway, i think i slp alot in the everning...


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