Stephanie's Birthday

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Today is my daddy's birthday. Unfortunately, I can't back to Kuantan to celebrate with him. Wish he had a great dinner with mummy and sisters. The only thing I pray to God is daddy always healthy.
Happy Birthday, papa

I have many friends' birthday on Jan and I'm one of the January baby too.
2nd of Jan, church's sister birthday - Erin who juz married.
5th of Jan, 2 of my coursemates' birthday. One Malay and another one is chinese (and this post is all about her birthday celebration with us)
Yesterday(6th) was vN's birthday and I already texted her on 12am of 6th Jan.
Ohya, not to forget, today is Jeromefo's birthday too (same with my daddy) - Happy Birthday Boy!!!

Coming soon, 10th, 14th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 29th, 30th & 31th are someone's birthday. Luckilly I just need to wish them a very very happy birthday and have a blessed birthday this year.


After graduate, I seldom meet with my coursemate but we still keep in touch with each other. The only two I always hang out with is Wei Wei and Salleh. But this time only 3 of us, me & wei wei & the birthday girl-Stephanie.

She was so happy that we still remember her birthday. So, she treat us!!! Yippie...
Seem like there is quite some time I didn't blog about foods.

I Chocolate Mints
(which blended with cho, chips, nuts & ice-cream)

I Black Pepper Udon

Chicken Ham Sandwich

Japanese Yakitori, Prawn with japanese sauce

Japanese Yakitori, Chicken with satay sauce

Both are delicious especially chicken with satay sauce.

The girl-Wei Wei who had her meal before Stephanie arrive because she having gastric at the same time. Anyway, we still have a great time together.

After Stephanie arrived, we had dinner together and chit-chatting. We have lotsa common topics especially about our working life. Bla bla bla.... Wei Wei keep on talked about her so-called "coming soon" ex boss and ex-supervisor's bad. They treat her so bad, so she decided to resign after work for half year and still haven pass the probition period.

Anyway, we cheer for her new job which she will start to work after chinese new year. Wish her have a better career and opportunity in future.

Chocolate Cake from me & wei wei.


At last, 3 of us.

Acting cute 1!

Acting cute 2!

We gonna meet again real soon. Two weeks later. Yeah! I'm looking forward. It was a great night although there are only 3 of us.

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  1. Haha, acting cute ya! So lovely!

    Uncle, Happy Birthday ya!!!

  2. wah...
    very delicious leh...
    i want to eat...
    bring me go eat wen i go KL find u....

  3. Dear Akira,
    Thx for ut wishes..

    Dear Deejay,
    Make sure u find me when u come to kl ya.. ^^

  4. wow yakitori there so expensive!!!

  5. hahaha
    my little daughter ate so many foods pulak!

  6. Dear lcfu,
    huh? Japan cheaper o?

    Dear Jeromefo,
    mana ade? ate very very little only o.. :P


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