Birthday Pre-Celebration

Sunday, February 22, 2009

17 of January is my birthday. Oh! Not forget to mention that is my youngest sister-Phoebe birthday too. Yeap! We born on same month, same day but not in the same year. I don't have a twin. (I think I'd repeat it on the last year birthday post. Nvm, maybe some of you might don't know).

Although bf is not here with me this year, but I still have lotsa friends who still remember my birthday and celebrate with me too. There are 2 birthday pre-celebration for me. One of the gang is my bf's best friends. Thanks for the treats and sing k session.

Here are part of them.

While waiting for friends and foods coming.

and here are the yummylicious dishes.
***Salty Egg's crab*** (my favorite)

We gonna EAT it!!!!

Overall are not bad.

After dinner, we headed to Green Box.
All of us love to sing! We sing from 10pm until 3am.!!! COOL!!!!!



Part 2, pre-celebration from my colleagues. A day before my birthday cause my birthday was drop on Saturday.

All of us in red.

Take note of the above 2 photos, there are 2 different cake.
Blueberry Cake & Chocolate Banana from Secret Recipe.

I won't admit that I'm 1 year older but 1 year getting mature. Tee Hee~~~

on my actual birthday
Stay Tuned

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  1. wow crabs!!!!!!!! my favourite!!! yumyumyum....

  2. Woww~so many people celebrate for u!

    Happie belated birthday!i know is almost 1 month later~:P

  3. Happy Belated Birthday wishes ya! Yummylicious neh!!!

  4. belated birthday wish

    aiyo, i like the crab !!

  5. haha~you and your friends are so cute~

  6. wah...
    nice celebration...

    happy birthday ya, my dear fren...

    the photos took very nice...
    use ur g9?

  7. Too bad papa not in Malaysia, if not, sure come and visit you ^^

  8. Dear fufu,
    Yes!!!! CRAB!!!! feel like wanna go makan now... lol

    Dear lulu,
    Although is late, but still thanks so much...

    Dear Akira,

    Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx. I like crab too..

    Dear Bear Lim,
    Hehe... Cute!

    Dear Deejay,
    Those photos were not taken by my G9, but with Canon 1000D, Nice hor? I feel like wanna change 1000D la... Heart "itchy" hehe... Thx anyway...

    Dear Jeromefo,
    Nvm, I wait u back to M'sia then u ganti balik the celebration for me la..~ Tee Hee...


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