Christmas Eve

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suppose I post about my birthday celebration but now I remember that I haven post how I celebrate Christmas Eve. So, Here is a fast one with loads of photos. Last year, I celebrated with dearest colleagues. We had our buffet dinner at IOI Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya and countdown session at Green Box.

A little photo shoot while waiting buffet to be ready.

Christmas decoration inside Marriott Hotel.

Our table. Looks awesome right?

Booked by Ms. Yap Ching Wen.

Light up the candles.

Gonna start our buffet dinner!!!

Are you ready? I gonna seduce you with yummylicious foods. Go and grab something to eat if you haven eat anything yet.

Hmmm... Let's start with some appetizer first.

First time, I ate fresh oyster. Good try!!!

***Curry Meehon***
At least, this is something better.

***Pumkin Soup***
I like it.

Don't stop scrolling down, here are some dessert.

OK, please push up your jaw and close your mouth!!! Anyway, most of the food looks nice & yummy, but actually it is not that delicious, just taste normal.

Miss Yap and Miss Sam. (Obviously, I'm Ms. Sam-sound weird when I using Miss Sam. tee hee..)

Miss Ngoo & Miss Yap.

With my senior web designer-Miss Heng.

Miss Low - intern & Miss Lee - programmer.

....and here is our boss's wife-Miss Kao.
Boss is not with us, he is on the way back to Malaysia from UK.

Below are some Christmas foods' deco. Looks great.
She looks like bakery shop owner or maybe bakery sales girl. Thrill..

I really like their deco. Nice to see but can't eat (I think so la).

I'm bit greedy. I wanna get many many many Christmas present.!!

After dinner, we headed to Green Box for second round. We're having countdown session there and of cause gift exchange. We're also having some games beside sing k. Well, I bet everyone was truly enjoyed.

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  1. Wow, that is a great and nice dinner at 5 stars hotel!!!

  2. looks delicious....I wish I can go there next time...

  3. i heart fresh oyster~~
    yoo...buffet at 7star hotel is real different =)

  4. Dear all,
    all looks yummy,, but actually not!!! anyway, i do appreciate coz seldom have chance go to high class hotel for dinner ma.. hehee~~

    Dear fufu,
    1st time I ate fresh oyster, but feel abit geli la.. haha

  5. wow! u using DSLR?!
    the first photo look like movie poster xD

  6. OMG! this was just awesome !!! i cant find any other words to actually express it

  7. Dear Bear Lim,
    YEap, I'm using dslr - Canon 1000D.. :)

    Dear Bell,
    ahha... ur reaction.. XD

  8. Wah!
    So many nice foodz!
    Miss Ngoo looks pretty!

  9. Dear Jefome,
    Haha... Miss Ngoo will married soon, on coming end of March.. ^^


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