Christmas Walk & Shop!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to Christmas.
This will be the last Christmas post.

We went to 3 places in one day. First stop was at The Curve.

Three of us again!!!

We're just have some fun and keep on be the model of Salleh.

After that, we had dinner at Italiannies.
***Island Breeze***

***Combo Pasta*** (just for RM29.90)
You can choose 4 of your favorite pasta out of 10. The pasta we choose are Salmon & Lemon Aioli, Angel Hair Pomodoro (this is super yummy), Chicken Coronation, and Shrimp Linguine.

***Classic Pizza***

She will be very happy when food is in front of her.

Below are some candid shot in Italiannies.Happy moment with lovely friend.

Browsing all the photos.

Before we leave, passby The Street. It was quite happening since Christmas is around the corner.
One of my favorite photo.

Our 2nd stop at 1U.

....and our 3rd & last stop was at Bangsar Village.

I saw it, and now it's your turn to read it.

We were so exhausted after been to 3 different place.
...but with no regret.

Fully enjoy your weekend.
Good night.

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  1. wowm its already mid of feb... going to march leh... anyway bet you must be very bust lately huuh? anyway take you time to put them up here lol i am also trying to hurry up for my world tour travelogues

  2. Hmmn...should be updated fast...still got new year, chinese new year, valentine, bf back in malaysia..and when you travel to UK... hurry up...long waiting!

  3. Dear lcfu & Dear Choy Yin,
    haha... both of you are sooooo cute!!!
    Yeah!!! Been kinda busy with working stuff.. Don't worry, I will speed up!!! Trying to update more in weekend.


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