Saturday, March 07, 2009

Trusting in divine guidance, I accept unlimited options and opportunities.

Life holds countless opportunities for me. Whatever the situation may be, there is always another means, another blessing available to me. Even if I feel I am going in circles, with closer examination, I find I am making progress, spiraling upward. Trusting in divine guidance, I am open to the array of blessings revealed to me.

There is always another method--to learn, remember, try, or apply.
There is always another place--to work, live, play, or find support.
There is always another friend--to contact, share with, or meet anew.
There is always another work--to accomplish, contribute to, or receive from.
My options and alternatives are limitless.
In renewed awareness, I affirm: There is always another way.

"Then the sentinel saw another man running; and the sentinel called
to the gatekeeper and said, 'See, another man running alone!'
The king said, 'He also is bringing tidings."
--2 Samuel 18:26

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  1. Agree

    there is always another way.:)

  2. true!!! widen the mind.... we have tonnes of methods out there... good luck

  3. there is always another way... no worries, every path will be the same destination...

  4. hey yvonne....yeah...there is always a possible way

    related to ur girl fight comment, its terrible and i wonder the girl feel hurt a not?

  5. Dear all,
    Thanks for all the lovely comment and concern...
    Well, actually I'm pretty fine here! This is a passage I read and found that it quite inspire me. It is so true and that's our life. So post it out to share with all my friends here. Love you guys.. muackss.. xoxo

  6. i think i've seen urblog b4...
    but, when i wanted to link, i missed it...

    now i linked d~yoohoo

  7. true~~
    so we must gambateh together-gather ya^^

  8. Dear Bear,
    Thx!!! Yaya, we gambateh together!!!


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