CNY '09 II

Friday, March 20, 2009

CNY Day 3.
Today I'm very happy because my bf will come to Kuantan. Can't express how I feel when I meet him. Feel like a bit weird after few months apart. lol. So, how will I feel after few months I meet him at UK? Hmmm... should be fine and happy!!!

Just a simple dinner with my family with my bf. Then me and dear went to cinema, watched CNY movie.

CNY Day 4.
Whole day, went to visit relatives (mum's side) with family. Dinner at Pak Su Seafood Restaurant with relatives (still, mum's side).

Some random photos of the foods.

Cousin sis & my lovely sista.

Beloved daughters of dad and mum.
I'm the one who doesn't look alike compare to both of them. Anyway, there look like mum and I look like dad.

Cousin sis & sista.

Sis & her bf.

Orang ni.... keep on eat eat eat only!!!
He said, can't get yummy Malaysian foods at UK so he eat a lot when back to Malaysia.

Mum and her sista.

Grandma with my uncle & family.

He is 2nd uncle. My uncle gave to another family when he is still a child and grandma meet him back few years ago. Grandma was so exhilarating, I'm sure nobody can feel how grandma feel. My uncle do really look alike another uncle (eldest) who had passed away few years ago. When we saw 2nd uncle, we were like "Oh!!! He looks totally like my eldest uncle." Every year, uncle and family will come to Kuantan to reunite with us.

My family not include the little boy who is my cousin bro!!
He wanna take photo together with us. He's so cute!!!

Dad with my bf and sis's bf.

CNY Day 5.
Drive back to KL together with bf.

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  1. nice!!!! drooling... but lucky i am going for dinner soon =)

  2. I got a long time never been visit Pak su. As people said their food went expensive and not that delicious nowadays. Hehe...

  3. Dear CHoy Yin,
    ya, quite expensive and taste so only!!! but i just like their windy windy place!! Hehe

  4. wahseh...
    3 thousand gold leh....

    u really look like ur dad...
    other two look like ur mum....

    and the foods look so delicious lo...


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