CNY '09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I like Chinese New Year because can gather together with family and relatives. I like everyone sitting down to have dinner and chit-chatting together. Some of my relatives who stay & work at KL will back to Kuantan too. (and I'm one of them) I like the feeling being together. Sharing happiness together.

Before CNY, our company had a simple dinner together.

Surely, we can't miss out this - Lou Sang.


Wish & Hope every dream will come true.


Reunion Dinner.
Every year, we will have reunion dinner together with dad's brothers at one of my uncle & aunt house. Everyone will help to cook. But not for this year, dad suggested this year reunion dinner at restaurant. So, yeah! It's ON.

Part of my family member.

Cousin sis & me.
She's just 16 but taller then me.

Cousin sis & my lovely sista.

Sam's Family. I ♥♥♥ them so much.


CNY Day 1.
As usual, day 1 will go to relatives' house. Anyway, I'm waiting for this day too because my dear will back from UK. He reached Malaysia at 4.30pm. I'm happy when I received his call after he landed.

Dinner together with relatives at my house.

My cousin brother.
He looks handsome and cute but very very very naughty.

...and she is my cousin sista - 1 year old.

CNY Day 2.
Time to gather with friends.

Knew them when I'm in F6.

The girl is one of my bestie. Although the time we knew each other is short, but she's still my forever ji mui. (p/s: I was counting the year we knew each other. Time flies really fast, it's 7 years. I will appreciate our friendship. Miss her so much at the same time.)

This year is a bit different. Because my malay coursemate came to Kuantan all the way from KL and some from JB. This photo was taken at Wei Wei house.

Then went to my house.

We had lunch together at one of the mamak.

Wei Wei's dad treated us. **Thanks so much, uncle.**
Both of the guys are Wei Wei's brother.

Nasi Beriani - sungguh sedap!!!!

Me and Wei Wei.

At night, we went to grandma's house (mummy's mom). I took a lot photos of my cousin sis & bro. They are so cute!

The handsome and naughty cousin.
He looks really cute if not naughty.

He is good in posing.

Intelligent boy who is left handed.

Baby boy with his mummy - my youngest aunt.

Cute baby girl who is my cousin niece.

Both of them brings happiness & joy to this family.

Continue with CNY.

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  1. is that mamak in front smtp? looking familiar....

    finally, cny post..ahhahah

  2. CNY = gathering = reunion
    i like reunion .....

  3. wow... nice! my cny was damn boring this yr >.<

  4. Aiks
    I hv been missing CNY Celebration for 2 years already ><

  5. Dear Choy Yin,
    No, is not in front of smtp. It's located at "fei ngoo xi" there...

    Dear Sock Peng,
    Yeah, same here..

    Dear fufu,
    Haha... XD

    Dear Jerome,
    Nvm, next yr u can celebrate at msia with ur family & frens dy..

  6. i love cny too! i love the togetherness :)

  7. wah..
    nice nice lo....
    nice gathering...
    u look pretty too....


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