CNY with Him

Monday, March 23, 2009

What did me and my bf do in the 12 days when he was back in Malaysia? Beside window shopping (gonna save money for Europe trip), we hunt for FOODS!!!! He miss Malaysian foods a lot. I'd gained 2 kgs after he back to Malaysia. Charm...

We went for dim sum early in the morning, around 7am. It's located somewhere in Connaught, Cheras. Having dim sum early in the morning feel so good and fresh.

I like to eat "pi dan" porridge.
If you don't know what is "pi dan", it is a kind of preserved egg.


We went to meet a friend at 1U. It's Friday, so we meet her during her lunch hour. We went to Vietnamese Restaurant. Not so satisfied with their set lunch, but it's quite cheap.


Surely can't miss out the gathering with his best gang which stay in Banting. We went to sing k and play mahjong. This is their must do activities during CNY.


After few months in UK, he know how to cook and I'm blessed. This time, he cooked for me and his family. Well, not bad and there is still lotsa space to improve his cooking skills. Anyway, good start for him. Maybe it doesn't look good but taste real good. Just that I wonder how come he added mushroom in every dishes. Maybe UK have a lot mushrooms.? Tee Hee..


Saturday, we went to Pavilion pak tor and had lunch at Dain Ti Hill which is a chinese restaurant.

It's 1st anniversary of Pavilion.

Hot Lime Tea Juice. *sweet*

Salmon Rice. *yummy*

Looks smart with this outfit.

Tuna Salad.

It's CNY and Pavilion shopping center decorate with flowers.

...and a Golden bull at the entrance.


It came to the last day which is on Monday. We used to go to Old Town kopitiam yum char before he went to UK. So, we had our tea time at there.

Looks moody huh.

Sent him off to KLIA.
I gonna meet him after 107 days later. soooonnn....

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  1. oo.. so sweet.... Malaysian in oversea will surely miss Malaysia food. Wondering other country don't have delicious one. hahhahah

  2. his hair very long.. haha:)

  3. *Sweet*

    I know u count down for the moments everyday...:P

  4. Wahseh!
    So many Malaysian foodz!!!!
    Am i the next one?

  5. Dear Choy Yin,
    I think M'sia is the most delicious one.. hehe

    Dear vN,
    Yalo, his hair is soooo long!!! Like a girl..!!

    Dear Lulu,
    Haha.. u know me well :)

    Dear Jerome,
    Ya, u're the next!!! XD

  6. wow... you should go visit him one day =) and cook him some nice malaysian food =p

  7. Dear fufu,
    I will meet him at UK 106 days later.. =)
    But won't cook la. Wait him back to M'sia 1st

  8. loving post :)
    107 days only, very fast de ^^

  9. Dear Bear Lim,
    Ya, i Know. Very fast!! =)

  10. wah...
    so romantic for the past 12 days...
    nvm.. nvm...
    u will meet him soon...
    be happy ya...
    cheers, my fren....

  11. wao~ i saw a big diamond ring~~~
    how sweet~


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