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Friday, March 06, 2009

I think most of us heard about EOE online recently right? If nope, go and have a look. EOE online is an online photo portal. Beside that, there are wide range of photographic products available too. For years, I didn't wash any photos beside my convo photos. The reason is quite expensive and we can just save & store our photos in computer. Anyway, EOE online have a promotions. You just need to pay RM0.30 for every single 4R size photo and RM0.50 for every single 5R photo. Quite cheap right? Furthermore, you just need to upload and they will send the photos to you.

What you need to do is register as a member and upload your photos. That's it!! Easy and fast!!
Beside that, they are having Blogger's Review Program. You just need to write a review about EOE online and you will get 50x4R and 2x8R photos for FREE! Hurry up!

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  1. wowww....everyone blog about this~

  2. damn...i still have no time to write this... cant get away from writing my travelogues >.<

  3. waiting for your pretty photo now~


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