Lovely Birthday Celebration ♥

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On the actual day of my birthday, few of my friends @ course mates celebrated with me. We had dinner at San Francisco SteakHouse, Mid Valley.

Stop by when we're heading to makan.

First time dine in at San Francisco SteakHouse. It is almost same as TGI Fridays.

While we're waiting for the foods....

.....foods are served.

***Lovely Tower ***

...for the birthday girl.

***Boston Seafood Chowder in Papa Bread***

***Black Pepper Steak***

***Cowboy Steak***

***Perch Fillet***

***Spring Chicken***

***Supreme of Chicken***

***Fish & Chips***

Overall, the foods are not bad. Now, I gonna introduce my friends aka course mates to you.

Wei Wei - Nail Girl (nick name given by me)

Stephanie who is a January baby too.

Hii who back from Taiwan.

Salleh - like photography a lot too.

ME - Apple Girl (nick name given by Wei Wei)

After dinner, we're having great conversation too. Been quite some time we didn't meet other, so updated with each other about working life .

DKNY watch far from west, birthday present from my dear.

A slide of blueberry cheese cake free from San Francisco SteakHouse.
I like this cake!!! It taste soooooooooo yummy!!!!

This photo is cute & silly. LOOK at Wei Wei's funny expression.

Like this photo very much. Happiness among lovely friends.
I love you girls & guys.

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  1. u r pretty
    food also look yummy

  2. hey~ i never noe IND got so many january babe?!

    and so many lengluiSsss....

  3. miss sam...
    where am i?
    missing u.

  4. wow... the food!!! and the pictures all nicely captured =)

  5. Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx ya ^^
    *shy shy*

    Dear Lulu,
    Haha... IND got few January baby include some Malay coursemate.

    Dear Choy Yin,
    Thx! I like this dress too...

    Dear Jeromefo,
    Aiyooo... you are... always "gap" liang nui.!!!

    Dear Bear,
    You at UK la!!!! SOB!!

    Dear fufu,
    Hehe.. Thx

  6. wonderful friends with great food! :)

  7. pretty yvonne with all the delicious food...
    yum yum....


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