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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Been into Vietnamese foods lately.

A day after my birthday, there are 2 friends of mine celebrate for me. Although late 1 day, but I'm still happy because ks still remember my birthday and together CS appeared to celebrated for me too. We went to O'viet Vietnamese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid. Let's go to the foods.

Very very disappointed with this drink.

This is something like popiah that you rape everything in rice paper (similar to popiah skin) and you dip the source that provided. This is really yummy.

KS show me step-by-step to make vietnamese popiah.

ta... da....
I can make it too.
(I look quite tired here)

Taste normal, nothing special.

I like Vietnamese Beef. Superbest!!!

Ordered by cs.

Dessert - Durian Pancake.
First time ate. Mmmm... the taste was not as what I expected.

The "S". CS & KS.

Lots of thank, my friend.

Thanks too.


Went to another Vietnamese Restaurant which located at Jusco, Bukit Tinggi. There is another one located at One Utama too.

Obviously, Mango Shake is my drink. Love it! But I like Mango Shake from Kim Gary most.


Main Course.

Dessert. *yummy*
I like ice cream with cornflakes.

p/s: I'm so so so so boring. Never have such boring weekend before. Anyway, I got a called from friends who ask me go to sing k! Obviously, I say YES! YES! YES! and I don't need to drive. Huray! Will sing from 10 t0 3am. Tomorrow is public holiday! Good night.

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  1. What about the price then?hehe..interested to the Vietnamese popiah wei!XD

  2. oh, and where is it?the 1st Vietnamese restaurant...

  3. I went to Vietnam Station in One Utama before, quite love it!

  4. wah...
    very nice...
    the foods look nice...

  5. I vote for the durian pancake and ice cream with cornflakes...

    but u didnt state both of the restaurants' name wor...

  6. the durian pancake looking cute...looking like tiny mango in the picture!

  7. i nvr been to vietnamese restaurant! gotta try out >.<~~

  8. you should go to vietnam try the real authentic vietnamese dishes :D

  9. Dear Kiki,
    I dy reply to ur post. :)

    Dear Akira,
    Really? then I think the one I tried is Vietnam Station.. hehe.. I forgot..

    Dear Deejay,
    Terima Kasih ^^

    Dear Lulu,
    Sry, I 4got the name!

    Dear Choy Yin,
    Yeah! looks cute!!! it's really "tiny" :)

    Dear Bell,
    Go to have a try ya..

    Dear Jerome,
    Close your eyes la then, papa.. lol

    Dear fufu,
    Haha... I know! U been to Vietnam b4.. I would love to try out if I go to Vietnam.. :)

  10. nice food!
    why u looked tired? didnt rest well?

  11. Dear Bear Lim,
    Yaya, didn't rest well. Coz the nite before is my actual birthday, so went out with frens..

  12. hey yvonne, u mean u went to two different outlets to eat? how come u r dissapointed with the vietnamese cendol....doesnt taste good as melaka cendol?

  13. Dear Valentino,
    Yaya, not nice.. Melaka cendol better!!


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