Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Friday, April 03, 2009

Last month had a little gathering with few bloggers. It was Monday and luckily is public holiday so I able to be there. We meet up at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe at 1U. This cafe still new to some of them or you out there. The interior almost same with FullHouse @ NZX. Even the menu is almost same but the choices is more compare to FullHouse.

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Part of the interior. Not bad huh. I like the interior.

Before I reveal who I gonna meet in this gathering, let's go for the foods first. We ordered set lunch that not cost more than RM20 which include soup of the day, a drink and a main course. There are total 6 choices. (p/s: set lunch served daily from 12pm - 4pm)

Soup of the Day.

***Ice Lemon Tea***

***Spaghetti Cabonara***

***Spaghetti Aglio Ed Olio with Shrimp***

***Garden Black Pepper Chicken Chop***

***Butter GInger Dory Fish***

All the price stated is include a drink and soup of the day.

Been curious who I meet?
deng... deng... deng... deng...

Beverly who back from US but she's back to US already.
It was really nice to meet her. Sadly, we can't chat more because she's rushing to meet her friends too. But still glad that we meet up.

Chee Wei who back from UK and he's back to UK already too.
First time meet him. I thought he is a shy guy (from his look), but actually NOT! He is quite talkative when you started close to him. He share with me a lot bout UK and Rome. Anyway, he's a nice guy.

Andrew and me.

Grace, me and Sandra

Andrew, Beverly and her friend who accompany her along.

Happy happy group pic.
*above 4 photos were taken by Andrew's camera*

It was a really short meet up with Beverly but I bet all of us were happy and enjoyed.

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  1. 原来你和部落大红人见面!!

  2. Hahaha!!! I'm not famous as you perceived, sock peng!!

    Look at my SICK look!!! Totally like shit... Extra weight and tan...

    I wish I could present myself better :'( But I never regret meeting you guys...

    Thanks for asking me out! Wish to spend more quality time with you all next time~~

  3. wao~ u meet beverly n cheewei~~

  4. wow...never tell me when you guys met up!! anyway when is our turn?? lol anyway great pictures!!

  5. Dear Sock Peng,
    We only meet her for few mins, less then hour but it's really nice to meet with all of them..

    Dear Beverly,
    It's ok Bev, it's nice to meet with u. U did look great on that day.. :) wish to spend more time with u and them too..

    Dear ET女子,
    :) Yea, I meet with them last month.

    Dear fufu,
    Haha.. We will meet when you're free ya~~ :)

  6. cool gathering...
    very nice...
    hope meet up with wen i go kl...

  7. wow! u met beverly worr~~
    nice enviroment there, i like it!

  8. Wah!Blogger's gathering !
    wish i could be there ....
    If im there, i will bcome paparazzi already xD

  9. wow..u got the chance to meet so many bloggers. so nice...


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