Macro again...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friends who know me well will know that I like macro shot. Here is another attempt of mine using my beloved Canon G9. I quite like the outcome. All this flowers were taken during Qing Ming.

Do you like it? I wish I will and can do it better next time.

Obviously, this is not a macro shot. I saw this tree is quite special with it's structure, so I zoom to the max to capture this because I stand quite far away.

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  1. composition need to take care...
    so tat can present nice photo..
    keep it up...

  2. the tree's structure really look special...

  3. wow great!! i will get G11 when it is out later friend is using G10 now... i touched it when we were in sabah...damn it's so good...

  4. Thx for all the lovely comment ^^

    Dear fufu,
    G10 is quite good oso leh.. I even got think of wanna tread in G9 and buy G10.. haha... K la, tell me when u own a G11 k? hehe :p

  5. good try~~~
    G9 is enough for u to take nice pics~


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