Panching Waterfall

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Last weekend, back to Kuantan with both uncle and aunt. When we reach Kuantan, uncle said wanna have a walk to Panching waterfall. I still remember, when I still a little girl, mum and dad brought me and sis here. We had picnic, play and swim in the cold water.

Trying to capture the best part of the waterfall.

Youngest uncle & aunt with their lovely daughter.

3rd uncle and aunt.

It's hot!!! I'm quite tired actually because lack of rest.

Many malay come to this place to have picnic with their family.

Actually I wanna capture the BIG ant (if you can see from this photo), but it keep on moving and the speed is so fast. So, I hardly to capture it.

It's Saturday and I will go out to have dinner with my friends tonight.
Enjoy your weekend and...
Happy Easter Day

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  1. wow is this the so called rainbow waterfall??? nice!! will need you to bring me there when i go visit kuantan again later... =p

  2. seems like nice for leisure~

  3. nice waterfall~~~
    u took all tis photo? u really got talent in photographing~
    wat camera u use?

  4. Dear fufu,
    No no.. this is not at Sg Lembing. This is somewhere at Kuantan. Sure, im willing to be ur tour guide next time (if i at Ktn dat time) XD

    Dear Lulu,
    Erm... actually not that nice. It's only a small part of waterfall only.. hehe.. Photo can tel lies sometime.. :p

    Dear ET 女子,
    Thx. Ya, I took all the photos. I use Canon PowerShot G9. =)

  5. right choice n good try!!
    coz canon powershot G9 is a advanced compact camera,moreover 12.1 Megapixels same as dslr.
    how much u bought?
    i wanna to get 1 too to replace my T9.

  6. Dear Sock Peng,
    You're welcome :)

    Dear ET 女子,
    I bought it last year around September, RM1599 with 12 months 0% interest installment. Haha. Coz I juz work in society, so dun have so much money yet. So, make it installment. Burden will less a bit. Erm.. I duno is G9 still in the market as G10 is here. So, i think will be better if u choose G10, Coz from wat I compare with a blogger which have G10, seem like G10 is better in taking night view compare with G9. but for sure, G9 is quite good enuf. I wish to own a dslr too but quite expensive and I can't afford to keep on buy lens. XD So, i think for this moment, this is the best I can get for myself :)

  7. thanks for infomation~ i oso search some info of G10 oredy.


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