Sunday, April 12, 2009

Previous post I'd mention that I back to Kuantan with my relatives. Actually we're back for the Bhuddhist BON-Festival (清明节-Qing Ming). Maybe some of you wondering "How come I'm a Christian but still will have this Bhuddhist BON-Festival?" Anyway, it doesn't related with religion or nope, I'm still a Chinese right? I will only buy flowers there.

So, the night before Qing Ming, and again, almost all the Sam's Family have dinner together. After dinner, all of us headed to TC beach.

There are many fish.... curry fish head... nyonya fish... stem fish....
All are bought by dad from fresh market.


Banyak pose ni... still my cute & silly sister.

Sisters are for life time.
Both of them are my treasure.

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  1. frankly, three of you really not looking alike.. but , not the matter...

  2. wah...ur family like fish a lot...yeah, i like those fish bought from market or the fish village itself...very fresh ler...

    i wonder how is the nyonya fish taste like...

  3. Wah
    Your sister looks pretty owrh ^^

  4. Dear Choy Yin,
    haha. Only me doesn't look alike. But both of my little sis do look alike. They're more to mum's side and I'm more to dad's side actually.

    Dear Vialentino,
    Yeah! My dad like fish! Nyonya fish really taste nice!! You shud go to have a try at those Chinese Seafood Restaurant if u haven try b4.

    Dear Jeromefo,
    eehheee.. OF coz la..
    有其姐,必有其妹嘛!! LOL!!!

  5. younger sister is prettier + more cutie leh =) hahahaha *run away* but yeah nice food!

  6. Tell u, JeromeFo interested with all our sister....haha!

  7. Dear fufu,
    Yer.. i know i know.. sobs =(

    Dear Lulu,
    yalo.. i know!!! haha. HE always "gap" liang nui one. XD

  8. aiyo !!
    all yummy food
    a bit hungry

  9. omgosh!! the ginger beef!!!!! LOOKS DAMN YUMMY!! I LIKE!!


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