Saturday, April 18, 2009

Don't know what title I should put in this post. Bad week? Bad Day? Sad? Moody? Accident? Glad? Worst Ever? Sigh... Don't have a single world best to describe the following things I gonna blog, that's why I put "Untitled". This post won't have pretty and beautiful photos but loads of wordsssssss.

This week is a reallllllyyyy bad week for my family. Not only my family but Sam's family. There are 3 incident happened in a week. Nothing can't worst then this. First was happened on my sis, then my cousin sis and 3rd, ME! I hope all of you will read finish this post and take alert so that the same things won't happen to you guys. OK?

Firstly is about my sis's case. Actually this shouldn't happen if my sis take alert. One afternoon, she went to megamall with her course mate after class. She just wanna buy something then will leave the mall. So she thought is just awhile, then she left her NEWLY laptop in the car. She put the laptop at the space where we put our leg there and use a clothes to cover it so won't easily see by others. Just a few minutes, then the car's side mirror was broke off and her laptop gone. She keep on wonder how come the thief will found out there is a laptop in the car? I also don't know until my colleague told me, she said nowadays there is a kind of tool that can sense if there is any electronic items in the car. If there is electronic stuff in the car, then the tools will make some sound. My sis is really sad but we can't do anything dy. This is a lesson for her.

NEVER leave your belongings or any important stuff in the car although just awhile. In one minute, it still can happen.

Secondly, it is a really serious case and very very important notes to all of you. After my sis's case, one or two days after, my cousin sis been kidnapped. There is a guy who is quite fierce in the phone called my aunt (dad's sister). He said my cousin sis is kidnapped by them and asked my aunt to pay them don't know how many hundred thousand. At the same time, my aunt get a chance talk to her "daughter". My "cousin sis" keep on cry in the phone and asked her mum to come and help her. The guy even threaten my aunt that he will chop off my cousin sis's hand if she let third party know about this call and will kill her if she don't pay. While my aunt still in the phone with that guy, she slowly open the door and write in a paper ask for help. She asked her neighbour to call her husband and my dad. After the call ended, aunt's neighbour asked her to call her dughter (my cousin sis) and actually my cousin sis is safe and working. After that, the guy didn't call anymore. What we learn from this case?

DON'T lost your money and DON'T panic when you receive this kind of call. Just call your daughter/son to make sure they're safe actually. Please beware with fake call that tell you that your daughter/son is kidnap!!! Especially at Kuantan. It's FAKE!

Why I strongly mention Kuantan? After the incident, my mummy went to newspaper office. Guess what they say? They said there are dy few cases. It is the same case! But most of them who been "kidnapped" is primary student. The day after, this news is on China Press newspaper and radio station-MyFm even had this topic for the morning session. So, please be extra careful and alert ya.

Thirdly. Yeap! My turn. Yesterday I had car accident. It's just a minor accident. I didn't get hurt and my car is not in big serious too. My car got crash by the irresponsible taxi driver. I drew a map and I will show you how the car accident happened.

As you can see from the map, the red arrow is how my car came out from a junction. The green arrow is how the taxi driver drove. The pink arrow is the right way and right land for the taxi driver! The yellow is zebra line which don't allow any car drive through.

It was peak time where everyone is on the way back home. So do I. The highway is jam, all cars drove slowly. Then this irresponsible taxi driver, don't wanna get stuck in the jam. So he drove through the zebra line (which is in yellow color) and his speed is really fast. Then he crashed my car. I got shocked and upset because my 2months old new car got in accident. Argggg..... This taxi driver, came out from his car then scold me. He said I didn't stop my car la... bla bla bla... Then I argued with him, isn't my wrong. I came out from the junction, I don't need to STOP! Because that is my own way. Since he keep on said I'm wrong, so I also don't know what to do. I'm really panic that time. I can't think of anyone I can call because I don't have any guy friends who stay nearby, my family is not here, my bf is not in Malaysia, my bf's family is too far away... Then I tried to stop those chinese uncle's car asked for help. Who know? All this chinese uncle just look at me awhile then drove away. Wth?? All this chinese uncle driver is so selfish la, saw me a girl also don't give any help. That time, I really feel helpless and panic. This crazy chinese taxi driver keep on bla bla bla beside me, I didn't answer him anything since he keep on said is my fault. Then there is a young malay came at first, then another indian guy came a minute later. They listened to me and the taxi driver. Both of the malay and indian guy said I'm right and the taxi driver is wrong, he shouldn't drive the way. Then this taxi driver asked them to see at other cars. Guess what? Many cars just drove like how the taxi driver drove. It's so dangerous and I saw the same accident almost happen. That's why this taxi driver thought he is not wrong since many drivers also drove like him. Why it happen to me but not others? Because this irresponsible taxi driver drove so fast.!!!! Frankly, I very very angry now. I press every keyboard hardly. Sigh...

In the middle, I called my friend Kwang San because I should meet with him for dinner yesterday. I cried in phone because I felt really helpless. Then I called my girl's colleague who stay nearby. She came to help me with her bf's bro. The taxi driver don't wanna report police and don't wanna pay me. So how? I don't care la, I decided to report police. My colleague accompany me went to Kajang Police Traffic office to make report. It was really tiring, I reached home at 11pm.

Everyday I drive my new car safely just want to avoid car accident happen. Now, it happened because of the IRRESPONSIBLE CHINESE taxi driver.

Above 2 incident have the own lesson to learn from, but how bout me? What lesson I should learn from this incident? I have no idea. Isn't I should see right side is there any car will drive through the zebra line while I don't need actually? But I knew something, chinese is even selfish compare to malay and indian. Although I'm a chinese, I still admit this fact. Maybe most of the chinese don't wanna get involve in trouble. For me, I won't stop and help also because I'm a GIRL...

If I didn't fetch my colleague back home, I won't use this road to go back.
If I back home earlier, this won't happen. Because I decided to leave at office at 6.20pm at first, but then I chat with a friend who at uk, until 6.35pm only I leave office.
If the big lorry who drove so slow is not in front of my car before the junction, then I won't bang by this taxi driver.
Sigh... too many IF. Never mind la, it happened.

Most important, thank God that sis, cousin sis and me is safe!
It's weekend again, gonna meet with few friends at Pyramid later. Some of them knew I had car accident. So they gonna cheer me up later. Hehe... Anyway, I'm really fine. Thanks for all the concern.

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  1. you are not get hurt is the most concern matter. Taxi driver always reckless and chinese always selfish. Yes! I agree with that. I find out myself do acting selfish sometime too.

    Oh ya, my mother also get a call on kidnapped. They told my mom that her son is with them with a boy crying and asking for help sound. Hmm... luckily my mom dont have a son, if not, I think she will get panic and get cheated.

    Everyone in you case is safe and still fine is the main thing. Dont count on monetary.. cheese.

  2. Pray for u...

    Anyway, as long as noone get hurt,treat it as 破财消灾. Just bare in mind all those incidents! Cheese :)

  3. first two cases u mentioned above i heard before, no where is safe now >.<

    u dont angry that impolite taxi driver la, he will get back his pay :)

  4. luckily all are safe....

    take care
    learn a lesson from then unhappiness

  5. luckily u all safe~~~
    u do the right thing, report the police, at least there left a report bout the impolite taxi driver.
    The laptop case, i oredy knw, my fren oso keep his laptop in car boot,then he found his car bottom got a big hole when reach home,laptop is gone. no matter how u hide ur laptop they can detect by the machine. 1 way to keep away frm stolen is bring out wf u or take off the laptop battery.(coz the machine they use is to detect the laptop's battery).The kidnap case happen start frm few month ago, if u listen radio or news shld knw.
    take good care my fren~cheers up!

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  7. omgz. So many "happening " cases
    T.T Malaysia is so dangerous now !

  8. Dear all friends,
    Thx for all the concern. I'm alright and fine. I didn't angry the driver dy.. The main purpose I wrote this because I want everyone to be alert to this case and hope everyone will be fine too. :) God bless everyone here..

  9. pity ur sis, the laptop gone....
    nevertheless... important is she alright...
    thing gone can buy... life no take two...

    so sad hear u met an accident..
    thanks god u are alright too...

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