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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A warm and big HELLO!!!

Been age didn't update my blog. I think almost 1 month. The reason is I'm very busy with working. Loads of works is waiting for me to do. When I have free time, I rather rest then blog. On the 7th May, my senior web designer gave birth to a baby girl name Carol. While she's on maternity leave, I've to handle most of her job roles which include call customers, website go live, handle more website design etc. I started talk to UK-ians. (FYI, all our clients are from UK). At first, I really can't listen what are they talk about. But now, I quite use to their slang already. When I speak to them, my slang will automatically became like theirs also.

OK! That's a short update about my life and what I'm busying. This post gonna have lot of photos. On the 21st March 2008 (Yeap, 2 months ago. I told you >> I'm BUSY), one of my colleague getting married. She is Miss Ngoo aka Wei Kee (Jerome told me she's pretty).

This is the first time I be ji mui. That's why quite exciting. First time, there are so many ji mui and heng dai (brother) in this wedding. There are around 10+ ji mui(s) and more then 20 heng dai(s).

6am started make up.

Pretty bride.

Wedded bliss.

Me and wei kee.

Part of the ji mui (include the guy-Enrico).

Ji Mui too. Both on the right is her uni mates.

All ji mui in white.

My red finger nails and Canon G9.

While waiting for the arrival of groom, we'd our breakfast first.

Bride's family. 3 sons and the only beloved daughter.

Sweet and happiness.

9am sharp, groom arrived.

Bride's youngest brother open the car door and here is the groom with the happy smile.

Part of the heng dai.
See below pic what they gonna do.

RUN ar!!!! Fight for the bride. This was so scary. We get shocked when they run in and shout.

Must pass all the games then only can meet the bride. We even 3G with the bride, showing her how we "play" those heng dai.

They cheated!!!!! This is not we ask them to do!!!

Some yoga pose that they need to do. BUT they CHEAT also which you can see from the photos above. All the heng dai holding their legs which is NOT allow. isshhh...

Drank bitter drinks.
Cause of the limited time, we only managed to gave out 3 games.

Looking for the bride.

"Will you marry me?"

"I will care of you of my life, I won't go out late, I will sms and call you whenever I go, I will bow down and say I'm sorry no matter I'm wrong or your fault, forever I will listen to you.... "

This is part of it that I able to remember.

muackss muacksss

There are so many relatives. So it took more then 1 hour to complete this sessions.

We took photos again while waiting for the drinking session end.

Wei Kee's family.

It's time to go to groom's house.

On the way.....

Jun Jie's family.

Thank God for the good weather but it is super HOT!!! Everyone is sweating.

After that, time to go to their new house.

Tradition process that I don't know at all.

Personally likes this 3 photos.

US again in their new room.

Wish they will have a great & happy marriage.

Next >>> wedding dinner.
Got yummy food photos o..

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  1. nice photos...
    u shoot it?
    good job...

  2. Dear deejay,
    Some photos by me and some by other photographer. YOu can see from the photos, photos with great quality is from the photographer. :)


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