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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I always wanna go out at night to capture night view because wanna improve my photography skill in night shooting. But there is less opportunity for me to do so after my bf went to UK. (It is very dangerous for a girl to go out at night for shooting.)

But I'm still blessed to have few friends of mine (actually they are my bf's best friends) who willing drove all the way from Banting, fetch and accompany me to take night view at Putrajaya. Here are the photos I most satisfied.

f8, 15 sec, ISO 80

f8, 10 sec, ISO 100

After we lepak at Putrajaya, at the sudden, I suggested "why not we go to Look Out Point?" I never been there before. So my dearly friend willing to bring me there without thinking much. (Look Out Point is located at Ampang) The night view is not as nice as I expected. *disappointed*

f8, 15 sec, ISO 100

Yeap, you will only saw all this little tiny dot dot dot up there. I don't think I will go there again unless some certain circumstanses. The foods is not really nice and expensive too!!!! BUT... but... it is very windy and comfortable. There are only 3 of us, we chit chat non-stop. It was a great saturaday night. Thanks my friend for the treat.

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  1. wow i still havent been to putrajaya and look out point...when are you going to bring me there huuh? >.<

  2. nice nite scene~~~
    last time we oso go to take photo , then chating at there.all restaurant there quite expensive~

  3. hey yeah it's been a while =p anyway i will be leaving on 16th june :) if we cant meet up...i guess gotta wait until 2yrs later... anyway i will let you know my schedule... most probably... next friday will be ok for about you guys?

  4. u are blessed for ur good shooting skill and nice friendss~~:)

    Putrajaya only has halal foods....somemore as u said, expensive~

  5. Dear Fufu,
    Ok, let's make it one day ya :)

    Dear ET女子,
    Thx.. Yaya, i think almost all the restaurant at Look Out POint is really expensive.. not really worth oso.. coz foods bad!

    Dear Jeromefo,
    yeap, only 3 pics.. haha!!
    Others cannot show ppl one..

    Dear Lulu,
    Thx ya..
    Look out point is not at putrajaya, it is at Ampang..

  6. that look out point only great when its not cloudy i think..can see KLCC and KL Tower rite?
    wait until there are firework..that's the best time lo..
    anywy..didnt tell me u cm house just beside the famous bridge ;)

  7. Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx ya :)

    Dear Salleh,
    Haiya... at 1st, i really wanna ask u out de. go shooting together at nite.. but hor, i scare mayb u dun want ma coz wei wei not here.. haha.. ok la, then next time i ask u along and u teach me. k k ?? =p

  8. wow not bad... you actually use long exposure for night shots... nice photos btw!!

  9. Dear Chee Wei,
    Thx.. yaya, used Long exposure :)

  10. i oso want to go putra haya..
    wait me!!!


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