Another weekend..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A week after Daorae BBQ, vN came to KL. So we had a little gathering at TGI Friday then went for movie. We had our lunch first before she join us. There are 5 of us - me, Crystal, Jess, Wai Seng & Steven. We're ordered 2 course meal for RM29.90.


Main Course.
The spaghetti is super yummy but is a bit cheesy.


Steven and Wai Seng didn't appear in this post because both of them went to buy movie ticket while we SS. This is my last meet up with them from April until now - almost 2 months.

p/s: A very short update because my stomach is cramp-ing. sobsss..

Hope all of you won't have Monday blue mode.. Good night everyone.

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