Daorae Korean BBQ

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Monday, most of us will face "Monday Blue" mood. But I'm really thank God that I never been through monday blue mood after I work. Because I like what I do and I looking forward the next day to continue with my works. Although today I don't have Monday blue but I'm feeling bad. Sigh... Nevermind la, just forget it.

After a week of Steven's birthday, Crystal gave me a message. She asked me to join her for Korean food. There are 5 of us - me, Crystal, Wai Seng and 2 of his colleagues. Crystal intro to us Daorae Korean BBQ at Kota Damansara.

Their interior is quite classic.

BBQ in the middle of the round table.

We don't need to BBQ by ourselves. They will help us then will served on a plate. Nice service but I perfer BBQ by myself, more fun and enjoy.

We can continue to add on all the foods on the table - FREE refill. Nice huh..

and this is how we eat. Wrapped any foods you like in the vegetable.

A spicy combination of belly pork, kimchi and tofu in a rich kimchi soup, served with rice.

Nakjee Bokkum
Sliced small octopus with assorted of vegetables, stir-fried in spicy chili sauce.

Pancake - free complementary from Daorae.

Part of the deco in the restaurant.

Overall, the foods are not bad and not too expensive. It cost around RM30 per person and we're really really FULL.

There are 8 Daorae in Malaysia. Sri Hartamas (HQ), Subang USJ, Kota Damansara, Puchong, Kepong, Ara Damansara, Bayan Point - Penang & Queensbay Mall - Penang.

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  1. I passed by this restaurant many time but never get in to try....

    Noted down

  2. *drools* Korean BBQ really smells good, and tastes good too!!!

  3. Tis DAOREA i went there at least 4 times~~( puchong outlet)love BBQ so much!!
    next time u shld try their 炒年糕.nice!!

  4. wah...
    nice lo...
    how much like tat?

  5. I ma desmond from http://food.malaysiamostwanted.com (I drop you a comment quite a while ago)

    Would you be interested to be listed on our foodie site? Please email me at info(at)malaysiamostwanted[dot].com

  6. 槟城也有这一间

  7. daorae....yes yes...i love this korean bbq...i tried the branch at bdr puteri...very nice ler...and price is very reasonable!


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