Dragon Boat Competition

Sunday, June 07, 2009

As titled, there was a 1st International Dragon Boat Competition held at Putrajaya. So, me, Salleh and Wei Wei wouldn't miss out this for photo shooting. It was a sunny day but it's soooooooo H O T.. beh tahan la... Here are some photos I taken yesterday. Just some scenery/views photos. Gonna upload and blog everything soon in next post, or next next post or next next next post.

First time try panorama mode. All the photos below were taken with my hp, Samsung Innov 8 - I850. I just discovered that my hp's panorama mode is quite user friendly.

Nice right? Panorama is awesome!!!

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  1. why you guys never bring me there?? i still havent been to putrajaya >.<

  2. 很美的panaroma 照片系列

  3. hahaha.
    how come dun hv weiwei's pic?

  4. Dear fufu,
    Haha.. still got many places u gonna go in M'sia.

    Dear Sock Peng,
    Thx. Ya, Nice weather.. :)

    Dear JErome,
    YOu ar..... =.=|||
    I will post her pic in coming x100 post.. hahhaaa

  5. wah...
    tis panorama nice leh ...
    good weather... ofcos hot lo...


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