Monday, June 22, 2009

This post is about skincare and it just about Laneige brand skincare. For your information, Laneige is a skincare brand from Korea. The meaning of Laneige means "snow". Nice word huh. Last few month (hmm.. I think is end of last year) , I won a contest and the prize is a set of Laneige skincare product. My skin is actually quite sensitive, can't simply use any skincare product. But I did gave it a try and feel great. So, after months of consideration, add on my current skincare product is going to finish soon and I think is time to change to another skincare product. So I bought Laneige skincare product.

1. Water Bank Hydro Gel
2. Water Bank Essence
3. Power Essentional Skin Refiner Light (toner)
4. Water Slepping Pack Plus (sleeping mask)

This set cost RM169.

Left: Balancing Emulsion 2 (RM105)
Right: White Plus Renew Essence (RM175)

Total for all the product I bought only RM449. It's quite cheap from what I thought. I'd used this skincare product for almost one month. Feel great. Hopefully it really suite my skin in long term. All the product quite big size. So I asked the salesgirl "This whole set can use how long?" She answered, "more then half year but for toner sure will finish faster then others".

From the purchase, automatically I become a member of Laneige. The salesgirl gave me many samples too.

Free gift & samples. I gonna give the bag to my sis. :)

p/s: How come I will blog at working hour? Because I took MC today, stomach cramp. But I feeling better after sleep for half day. Going to see doctor soon.

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