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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I promised to myself that I will go to Garden Lifestyle store & Cafe again. This time, I brought Wei Wei together. She really like this place and she like their menu a lot because their menu full of nice and colorful drawing. For the 1st time, I didn't have much time to capture their interior. But NOT anymore for this time because both of us enjoying a lot and we spend for at least 2 hours there!!! Crazy huh?!!?

This is my 2nd time here.

You will pass by here before enter the cafe.

and you will see this grand piano when you step into cafe. *Elegant feel*

The menu really nice and interesting.

Soup of the day, Ice lemon tea, Turkey & Pineapple sandwich, Spaghetti Aglio Ed Olio with Shirmp, and Fish & Chips.
We ordered set lunch which include a drink and a soup. The spaghetti not nice! Don't order!! BUT the sandwich and Fish & Chips not bad. Fish & Chip quite special.

Orange Sorbet
Super nice!! We shared!

I really like their garden concept feel.

All these are for sell but quite expensive and not really worth because I can make one too :)

She's busying snap snap snap.

A wonderful day with Wei Wei. After that we went for movie and window shopping.

I think my mummy will like this place. So I think of wanna bring them here on coming weekend because my family will come to KL to attend wedding dinner. Then it will be the 3rd time. and and and.... I wanna bring my bf here too after he back from UK and it will be the 4th time. hehe..

Wei Wei's birthday celebration

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  1. 您拍照的角度拿捏得很好。

  2. me and yve pass by this garden cafe and we plan to try during our next visit to one utama...

  3. 我也想去走走

  4. Woah, the interior design is so beautiful!

  5. 餐厅内的装潢有点像牛车水的EULL HOUSE!只是看起来比较大间!


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