Steven's Birthday

Thursday, June 11, 2009

There are few more pending post for April. It's June now, so have to faster update.

1st of April is April Fool Day. It is also Steven's birthday. but we had a birthday celebration for him on the second day. It was organized by her girlfriend - Jessica. We had dinner at Chili's, 1U. Gonna seduce you with yummy foods again. ><
The last photo, it was recommended by Jess to me. It's truly yummy.

Birthday Cake for Steven.

...and this is complementary from Chili's.

The birthday boy - Steven.

Guys & Girls.


HIGHLIGHTS of the night.

Haha.. My Canon G9 with Wai Seng's Nikon flash.
COOL right!!

After the foods arrive, all of us keep on snap snap snap. More then half of us are blogger.

The birthday cake taste great.

I like this pic. haha...

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  1. wow...i miss the chilis food especially the lamb shoulder set......yummy yummy....

  2. LoL, everyone was paying attention on that piece of cake!!! Haha... pro photographers :D

  3. Dear ksteeng,
    *slurp* yummy !!!

    Dear Christina,
    haha... yalo.... :) Nice photo..

    Haha... mulut manis again.. anyway, thx yea. muacks

  4. omgz.... all holding SLR to take pics xD hahaha

  5. i wanna try the cake =p hihihi

  6. yumyum...
    lao nua lo...
    bad yvonne...

    nikon flash suitable for canon camera lo..


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