Thursday, July 09, 2009

The day has finally come after 10 months!!!
What's my feeling? Frankly, I really don't know.. Am I excited? I also don't know. Just feel normal. I guess my bf might sad if he read this post. hmmm... Maybe I will feel excited when I reach there. Who knows? I think maybe this few days too busy with working, that's why feel normal.

You might wondering "What's happening?"

This post supposedly write about Wei Wei's birthday celebration, but this few days I'm really busy and tired. Loads of work to do before I go for holiday. Yeap! I will be off to UK later, 5pm flight. Mainly is to attend my bf's convocation. Secondly is for holiday. I never been to so far, it's my first time. I will be on the flight for 14 hours. Hopefully I can rest and sleep well. This few days can't really have a nice rest.

I will reach London at 12am (UK time), means M'sia time around 7am tomorrow. Tomorrow (10 July 09) is my bf's birthday too

I will enjoy my holiday and try to update if there is internet connection and time.

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  1. Fly safe! Hehe, have a nice trip to UK! And congratz to your bf too ;)

  2. hey, have fun! take lotz of pics and enjoy your 'pre-honeymoon' wif ur bf~ :)

    take care since plague is around nowadays. dun fall sick.

    will keep track on your updates! ;)

  3. enjoy ur holiday
    congratulation n happy birthday to ur boy friend

  4. wow..LONDON..
    i prefer to go there too..=D
    what flight you took?
    air asia or MAS?
    enjoy you holiday there..^^

  5. hope it will not be too late to greet u happy journey :)
    enjoy ya!

  6. Dear all,
    thx for all the lovely comments. I'm enjoying my holiday and thx so much for the wishes for my bf..

    Dear Yanne Teo,
    I fly to UK by Air Asia X.

    Dear Bear Lim,
    It's never late ... thx :)


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