Friday, July 17, 2009

Shwmae.... Sut wyt ti?

You're not in an alien blog. I wrote in Welsh. "Shwmae.... Sut wyt ti?" means Hello.... How are you? I'm in Aberystwyth now, one of a small village in Wales (apparently it appears to be one of the most famous tourist attraction in United Kingdom).

It's summer in UK but I don't feel like it because the weather is too chill for summer. Its been lovely during day-time but I will freeze during night time. At 5am, the sky will turn bright and until 10pm only the sky will turn dark.

A short update here.
I'm here to attend my bf's convocation yesterday. It was a nice and sunny day but quite windy. Few photos to share with you.

See!!! The weather is so good.
But NOT for today, it raining here from morning until night. Most of the photos was not in good quality. SOB~~~

Finally after so many years of hard work. He's a Bachelor of Laws - LLB (Hons) now.

Everyone is so excited and I can saw the pride shown from their parents' faces.

All the Malaysian.

Tomorrow I will headed to Newcastle. I will update more when I back to Malaysia (I guess). It's already 1.30am here, time to sleep.

Nos da, Hwyl (Good night, Bye)

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  1. 再次对他说恭喜
    当天的打扮, 你很美

  2. Having fun over there!!!!

    I just traveling around LONDON while i am in uk... took more photo on other side of uk for me

  3. hey yvonne... thx for ur's ur trip? hope its good :P

  4. Congratz to your bf ^_^ u looked great in that blue dress...

  5. yeah definitely..cos the temperature is right for flowers to grow.. msia is too hot so some flowers might not survive (especially the pretty ones :P )

    btw, summer doesn't mean it needs to be as hot as msia..

    but even if its as hot as msia...there is still some cold breeze...

  6. wah...congrats to ur bf....a law graduant....

    next time can seek advice from ur bf liow related to law

  7. nice dress.. haha:p

    Ehem.. i know, a bit out of topic :p

  8. Dear all, Thx so much for your praises.. :)

    Dear Via,
    Hahaa.. sure sure... give me a msg when u need him... LOL :)

    Dear vN,
    LOL, as long as is in this post then is ok la.. haha~~~~ Thx ya

  9. hahaha...make sure ask him to give me more discount...cause lawyer fees banyak mahal now...hehehe

  10. Dear Via...
    hahhaa... sure sure... but now he is juz a LBB (HOns) - degree holder only... need to take 1 more yr BAR... :) let me know if u need a lawyer.. hehheee

  11. wow congratz to your bf! lovely pics to remember forever!

  12. I want to see more pics, mydear!

  13. he is a lawyer liao...
    next time can get advise from him...
    got discount bo???
    hehehe .....

    congratulation to ur bf...


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