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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 2 - 11.07.09 (Saturday)
It's second day of our UK trip.
I think I didn’t suffer jet-lag. Thank God for that. I sleep around 10pm+ and woke up around 8am+. Its time to visit some ‘must visit’ places in UK after some rest, but before we start our journey, we gonna fill up our poor tummy first.

We're having breakfast at the hotel's restaurant.

Assorted of bread, ham, fruits and drinks are provided for your selection. Their coffee is super best.

After breakfast, the first "must visit" place is somewhere nearby our hotel. We went there by 5 minutes walk only. The weather in the morning is really chilling. You won't feel really cold (because I can tahan. hehe) But at night, it's really killing me. I keep on freezing, but this wouldn't happen in the day time.

This is the place we reached after 5 minutes walk from our hotel - Tower of London.

Chilling morning.

We didn't enter to the Tower of London. I guess the ticket is quite pricey.

Noted!! This is NOT London Bridge which many people had made a mistake. This is Tower Bridge.

When we're about to leave, I saw the bridge is opening. Should I say lucky or not?

London Wall is one of the most impressive surviving sections of London's former city wall. It was build by the Romans around 200 AD.

L♥ve the summer. Flowers are blossom everywhere.

After visiting Tower Bridge, London of Tower etc, we headed to another destination - must visit place No2.

Yeap! The Big Ben.

From here, you can see the London Eye.

The sky started to turn grey, it's gonna rain very soon which caused my picture not really nicely taken without the blue blue sky.

After few minutes spent in the Big Ben area, it started raining. So we decided to head to must visit place No3.

We reached Victoria Station by tube and it's also raining here. Luckily we brought umbrella.

The one you can't miss out in London is their London buses and public telephone booths. This is the first red public telephone booth I saw in London.

We reached at Buckingham Palace.

Ceremony of Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace at 11.30am.

Police woman riding horse.

This place is very crowded.

It's lunch hour and we're hungry. On the way to take tube, we bought a waffle. Not really nice.

We reached Baker Street which is famous of Madame Tussauds.

Window shopping at Baker Street and I saw a huge bear~~ *Thrilled*

This is our lunch at Baker Street, shared by 3 person.

After lunch, we headed to Madame Tussauds. We still need to queue up for few minutes though we booked online. The ticket cost £33 per person which included London Eye ticket too. I didn't know that I will have a chance to ride London Eye until I reached London.

We're going to have fun in Madame Tussauds. I'm feeling excited. It's very crowded too in Madame Tussauds because it was weekend.

Anyone you're familiar with?

Queen Elizabeth & Marilyn Monroe

Mr Barack Obama & Princess Diana

King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
Everyone is queuing up to take picture with him.

We spent more then 2 hours in Madame Tussauds. Overall is not bad but I felt a bit uncomfortable because it is too crowded and everyone is pushing here and there.

For dinner, we dined in a restaurant that nearby our hotel - Cafe Spice Namaste. I saw the review about this restaurant at one of the brochure in the hotel room. It is quite famous with their Indian foods. So we decided give it a try.

Interior of the restaurant.

I thought UK people couldn't eat spicy foods, but I'm wrong. The restaurant is packed. When I open the menu, I'm shock cause it is quite pricey (I know, I still "not used" to the pricey foods in London yet). We ordered few dishes that recommended by the waiter.

Though is quite expensive, but its worth. All the dishes are really yummy. Their curry is really aroma (but not really spicy) and the rice is totally different compared to Malaysia. I can't and don't know how to describe by words. Conclusion >> Delicious!! The dinner had cost us around RM180. I know, with RM180 in Malaysia you can eat delicious seafood. But this is London, you couldn't ask for more at here.

END of 2nd day in London, UK

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  1. Really admire the scenery in UK as I browsing through the photos... btw, u use ps to combine multiple photos together?

  2. Wah. All the nice pics in London itself!I miss there T.T

  3. 看来你这个旅行

  4. 看来你这个旅行

  5. wow...london!!! nice weiiii....
    i still havent uploaded the europe pictures >< anyway i am just back from china... time flies...it's been already almost 10weeks since i was away from home backpacking in china =p

  6. wow.... very nice trip leh....

    i really thought tat one is london bridge...

    the foods really expensive...

  7. Stumbled across your blog. Love your photos! Ultra super nice :)

    I am heading to UK for holidays in a few weeks time. Hope to read more so I have more idea where to shop and see and visit.

  8. :) I am going there for a vacation.

    Wow... U went Rome too?!? Can't wait to see your photos. I will visit your blog more for the updates.

  9. Forgot to say, I am going in mid Sept, for 3 weeks :)

  10. Nice meeting you too. What camera are you using? Ur photos are awesome.

    Would really want to know more about UK before I go... Wish I can go Rome too, but then I only hv 3 weeks. I am attending my cousin's wedding in Edinburgh.

  11. Yve,I have no time toread ur blog England posts until now I m reading while lunch in office.

    ok, many comments. First, envy~~ha!

    How much is the hostel charge? The dining space looks grand!

    Agree that if that is not a long trip to Engalnd, we can only go to those so-called "must visit" place...I think ur bf visited many other not-so-famous but still worth to visit places...envy again!

    No pictures from top of London eye?

    The lunch portion looks very little for 3.

    I experience the price shock on foods when I visited Aussie lastime too...haha....especially Asian food!

  12. Dear Lulu,
    Is ok, my post won't fly away, so u can read it when you're free.

    Erm.. the hotel cost around 200 pounds for 3 days 2 nights.. It is quite expensive coz it is at London..

    For London Eye, I will post later. Coz I blog my Europe trip according the date I traveled :)

    The lunch portion is little coz foods at UK is really expensive. So, have to save a bit. That's why so little.. haha..

    In short, FOODS at UK is EXPENSIVE...


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