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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I've back from UK for 3 weeks but still didn't update my blog. There are too many photos and I need to filter & organize all. Most of the photos I've upload at my facebook account. If you're in my friend list then you might already view all the photos. Anyway, I gonna post it here and share with my beloved readers.

**p/s: I will state out all the expenses in pounds (£). Just convert to Ringgit Malaysia if you wanna know how much I've spent. (£1 = RM5.80) - it is around this figure.

09.07.09 (Thursday). The day has finally come.
This is the day I fly to UK. 5pm flight with Air Asia X.
I never think that I will travel to Europe country one day. This is one of the great and best moment in my life. If you read this post, you know that I felt nothing when I gonna depart to UK.

But actually, I'm feeling excited when I almost reach UK.

After 13 hours flight, I've safely arrived in Stansted Airport, London. The time showing Malaysia time 6.20am -10.07.09 which means 11.20pm - 09.07.09 (UK time). After passed the custom and wait for my luggage. Then headed to the exit to meet my bf. I'm feeling excited.

When I meet my bf, it is already mid night there. He booked a hotel for us so that me and his mum can have a good rest after 13 hours flight. So we went to Hallam Hotel (£79 per night) stay for one night.

10.07.09 (Friday) - Happy Birthday to my bf.
Actually there is a reason why I choose to fly to UK on 9th of July. This is because 10th of July is my bf's birthday, so I wish to reach UK on the actual day to be with him on his birthday.

After having breakfast and checked out. We're heading to underground. The weather is quite windy. I like the weather, people, building, flowers .. I like everything there...

The flower at London is so beautiful.

Carrying our big big luggage, finally reached the underground - Great Portland Street station by walk.

We're waiting for the tube to Tower Hill.

I told you, flowers is so beautiful there. Every part, every corner of the street is full of different kinds of flowers. The clouds is so beautiful. You can't see this at Malaysia.

It is a sunny day, but still a windy and cold day for me. Yeap, I need some time to adapt the weather there.

Double Decker, Double Decker,
Tastes so good, great snack food

This is the song we will sing when we're having Double Decker prawn cracker.

We walked around Tower Hill and have a cup of drink while waiting time to check in. I'm having Hot Chocolate Mllano (£2.50).

We stayed in this hotel for 3 days 2 nights which cost £201.25. From the website, it stated that this is a 5 stars hotel.

Birthday cake from his friend who stay in the same hotel with us.

Happy Birthday.

Hok Kian, me and his mummy.
This is his first friend I've meet in UK.

After checked in, rest and bath. We're hungry and looking for a cheap restaurant nearby. Finally, we having our meal at Ekachai Oriental Dining Room at Woodstock Street. It is not cheap. That's London, everything is quite expensive here.

A very simple Char Kway Teow that you can eat at Malaysia. The taste is not bad but quite expensive.

Flat rice noodles with egg, tamarind, pickle turnip, beansprouts, garnished with peanuts and lemon. This is yummy too with some sweetness.

After our tummy is full, we're heading to Oxford Street which is a shopping heaven.

English style building.

We walk around Oxford Street. We didn't feel tired although walk for many hours because the weather is super windy and we won't even feel hot or sweat. That's the summer in UK, it is not same in Malaysia. I didn't buy any cloths although quite cheap. I just bought a bag from H&M.

... and I got this for myself. **Collections**

Having meal or tea outside of the restaurant. I like it.

A cup of Cappucinno (large - £2.45) after half day walked in Oxford Street. I'm looking tired here, because don't have a good rest in the flight. Just a couple hours of rest in Hallam Hotel.

We're heading back to hotel after tea, need to rest early because there is 15more days to go. We need to store more energy. Sky dark at 10pm and bright at 4am. So when I go to bed, the sky still bright and when I wake up, I don't know what is the actual time. Haha~~~

END of 1st day in London, UK

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  1. making me more miss UK T..T


  2. I cant wait for day 2, day 3....

  3. Sigh...I miss UK already T.T
    Those day i used to lepak in London alot

  4. hope i got a chance & pay a visit too!!!

  5. It take me a month to update my blog after back from London... Lazy..lol

  6. u go with his mum...
    future mother in law...

    ur bf really look like his mum...


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