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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Today is 09.09.09. Nice date and appeared only once in our life time. Many people getting married today. Congrats to my senior - ET笔记本 and my secondary classmate - Ai Chia. Wish they will have a lovely family and eternity love. Since today is 090909, so I must blog! Haha...


... continue with my UK trip.

Day 3 in uk- 12.07.09 (Sunday).
After 2 hours of travel by train, we reached Birmingham (at 3.40pm) which is the second largest city in UK. The cooling and windy weather caused me keep on freezing when I stepped out from the train. The first impression I got toward Birmingham is I don't feel like I'm in UK because there are so many black people here. Seems like this is their country, a place that conquered by them. Frankly, I don't really like Birmingham and this place seems boring. But bf told me that Birmingham is shopping heaven.

Birmingham New Street Station

After we came out from the train station, we headed to the hotel we've booked. So that we can leave our luggage in the room and walked around the city.

Britannia Hotel
3 days 2 night - £92

Our Room - 3 single bed.
The room is quite small, we can't even walked properly after we "lay down" our luggage. But everything is fine in this room, especially it is CLEAN.

After that, we hunt for foods. I'm so hungry cause we haven't take lunch yet. Then I saw this sausage stall. So, I decided to buy a sausage to fill up my tummy first.

The staff will give you a bread with the sausage, then you could put any sauce that you like on the sausage. Bf added tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mustard. When I first ate the bread, I was like "yucks"... The mustard is so smelly and it is not the taste that I like. Sob.. But I still finished it cause I'm hungry and is not cheap though.

After we filled up our tummy with the bread, we walked around Birmingham city.

Not many people on the street because almost all the shops started closing around 5 or 6pm.

This is the Selfridges building. A very unique building.

St. Martin's Church - the only church I saw at here.

There we walked to China Town which quite near to the hotel we stayed.

Me and bf's mum started missed Malaysian food on the third day we at UK. So, we looking for a Chinese restaurant for our dinner.

This is the shop we had our dinner.

From the above 3 photos, their foods seem not bad right? But it taste really worst. Don't ever dine in this restaurant when you go to Birmingham.

Dinner that cost £25.80, not worth it. Really! I can cook much better then them. I wonder how they can survive in uk with those really tasteless foods. Even the tomyam I ate, it shows 4 chillies which means very very spicy but ended up, it taste like drinking water. Sigh...~~~~

Kinda disappointed with those foods I ate today included the sausage. I won't let those tasteless foods bring me down. After dinner, we walked around the city.

All shops are closed. Not even a single person you can see from my picture except the guard.

I was trying so hard to get up on the bull with the help from bf~

Summer at Birmigham.

I got myself 2 shirts from Zara which cost £3.99 each (around RM22), cheap right? You can't get this cheap in Malaysia.

Gonna end up my post with the flower I took in Birmingham.

Good night everyone.

continue the journey
in Birmingham.

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  1. 他们的食物已经洋化

  2. Dear Sock Peng,
    Yaya, now I know.. haha... but the curry at London is really nice although not really spicy but this shop at BIrmingham is not delicious at all.. Sob sob.. The owner told us that she came from Ipoh.. I guess I oso can open a restaurant at uk.. Sure will earn more then her.. haha

  3. St martin church looking nice!!!! Loving all the structure of cathedral church in Europe.

    your booked hotel look amazing. should be expensive..

  4. Dear Choy Yin,
    Yeah, church and cathedral at uk is really awesome... :)

    All the hotels booked by bf.. Because he wants his mum stay comfortable, dat's why booked hotel.. But the price is still ok, not that expensive compare to other hotels.

  5. 啊啊啊!我很后悔没去Birmingham!!!

  6. wow nice!!! i will go visit there too if i am studying in germany

  7. OMG, that is really cheap... I mean the Zara's tops. I don't think I am going to Birmingham... what bout London? Any cheap shopping place to intro?

  8. Dear Jeromefo,
    WHY regret wor? Birmingham is not dat really nice though...

    Dear fufu,
    You can go anywhere when you at Germany ar... :)

    Dear YT,
    Ya, is super super cheap.. ><
    erm...at London you can go to Oxford Street.. There is a shopping heaven.. There are few shop is selling cheap dress, cloths etc.. Like Primark, the things is super cheap there..

  9. The Selfridges building is nice! It sounds like not much fun there as ur reply to Jerome?!

    Instead, I do not like mustard...and I definately will miss Asian food like hell if I went there!

  10. Dear Lulu,
    Yeap, Not really fun lo.. but if you likes shopping then definitely you will like this place :)

  11. I'm proud of you!!! I feel like I'm following your UK journey from zero til now. You make it~~

  12. Dear Beverly,
    Yeah, I'm happy :) more to come for my uk trip post

  13. wow...birmingham...damn nice place ler...how long u be there?

    omg, looking at the food also drooling already

  14. wahseh....
    shop shop shop....
    nice leh...

    really a nice place at Birmingham....

  15. hahaha...
    support u open food stall at there...
    then u can earn pound...

  16. Dear Via,
    I at Birmingham for 3 days 2 nights.

    Dear Deejay,
    Yalo, i got think of open a restaurant there. :) then I will richer then you.. :p

  17. thanks my dearest junior~~~
    nice photo taken in UK~~~


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