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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 4 in uk- 13.07.09 (Monday).
It was our second day at Birmingham. We had our breakfast at hotel. Actually, breakfast is not included in our booking package. So we had to pay £6.50 (around RM37) per person. Bf told us that their breakfast is not bad.

A very English style dining hall which is quite small and there are around 12 tables only.

Healthy breakfast :)

Eggs, baked bean, sausage, toast, ham, bread... etc
Bf was right, the breakfast was quite nice. Tasted great.

As I told you in the previous post, there is nothing much special about Birmingham except you can shop a lot here. After breakfast, we headed to the shopping mall.

When we were tired, then we had a rest and a cup of tea or coffee at selected coffee shop.

Our tea time in the shopping mall - Costa Coffee. The lemon cake tasted yummy.

I got myself a Reebok sport shoe - £21.99 (around RM127). Others were bought by bf's mum for her sons and herself.

After a short rest in the hotel, we're ready for dinner. *yes, makan again..*

Bf told us that Nando's at UK is quite delicious. As I know, Nando's at Malaysia is quite disappointed. Taste not good at all but I like their sauce. I never dine in Nando's again after my 1st attempt at one of the Nando's at The Mines.

Kinds of sauces. I like wild herb peri-peri sauce more.

Half chicken, spicy rice and coleslaw - £8.60

5 wings & sweet mash - £7.20
I like the sweet mash, it really tasted sweet~~~

Half Chicken with spicy rice and chips - £8.60

Verdict - their chicken and side dishes were really delicious. Their spicy rice was aroma :) I wish to try again if I have the chance to travel to UK again.

Day 5 in uk- 14.07.09 (Tuesday).
It was our last day at Birmingham. This morning, we had our breakfast at New Street Station which is a train station.

I always wanted to try Subway. Who knows that this is my 1st try at UK but not in Malaysia. Their bread is really nice but quite expensive even in Malaysia.

After breakfast, we walked around Birmingham Street.

New Street 2.
We didn't know that New Street 2 is so beautiful. Scroll down and you will know what I mean.

All the buildings at New Street 2 are quite new and their street is really clean compared to the other side of Birmingham.

Birmingham City Centre

The watch is plated up with a variety of species, using sustainable planting such as cordyline and bamboo, in addition to nandinia domestica, canna lily and libertia goldfinger.

Famous Birmingham dial maker James Wilson (1777-1809) used various artists to decorate his individual dials, and no two are alike. Floral Trail

Council Building.

In font of the council building. Really beautiful right?

Another floral trail. New Street 2 at Birmingham decorated the whole street with beautiful and fresh flower especially roses.

Our train departed at 12.30pm sharp. Where is our next destination? Stay tune for more UK trip post and you will know. I will take a break of UK trip post. So for the up coming post, I will intro a special restaurant to you. Stay tune.

Happy holiday to all of you.

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  1. 第一次看到nando在英国

  2. Happy Long~~~ Holiday!

    Not once u mentioned Birmingham is not that fun, but I bet that is a city wf many amazing street sight!

    The Day 4 breakfast was such filling~ Yummy!

  3. It's really beautiful... Guess we can only see those views in movies :)

  4. all the foods very big portion lo...
    u can finish bo?

  5. Dear Sock Peng,

    Dear Lulu,
    Holiday has passed.. sob..

    Dear Beverly,

    Dear Deejay,
    Erm... can ar.. that's why i gained 2kg after back from there.. ><

  6. wow....how long is ur holiday at birmingham...nice pics...wow...the nandos is so exp after convert to RM...hehehe

  7. hi, thanks for your comments~ love your travel post too! Was in London for 2 months in the summer, now is in penang. my bf is in uk too ;)


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