Girl's Date @ Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mama always said:" Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"

Does this sentence sounds familiar to you? I guess yes and this is a quote from a movie name Forrest Gump. This movie is telling the life been through by a retarded guy. It is a nice movie and you shouldn't miss it.

There is a restaurant name Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market at Sunway Pyramid and The Curve. Yeap, it is related with the movie - Forrest Gump. Once again, it is an outing with my best mate - Wei Wei. So yeah! Another girl's outing, girl's talk, fun etc.... We went to Bubba Gump at Sunway Pyramid. From the research I found (before I go to Bubba Gump), the branch at Sunway Pyramid is the biggest one at Asia but I'm doubting. Let's back to Bubba Gump. The interior is unique and I like the way of the decoration. Let's have a glimpse of the interior first.

Entrance of Bubba Gump but we enter from the side of the restaurant.

It is quite unique right? and I believe you're urge to read and know more about Bubba Gump.

How about the foods? If you're shrimp lover then I bet you will love this place. Because the foods are mainly shrimp. Since I'm not a shrimp lover, it might be a waste.

We were served by a super hyper, happy and friendly waitress. She looks more happy then us, she keep on smilling and explained the menu to us. There are 2 plats on each table.

Run Forrest Run

When you don't need the waiter/waitress, just show Run Forrest Run and they won't come to disturb you. But from my experience, when we showed "Run Forrest Run", the waitress keep on came to us and asked how was the food. It seem useless that we showed "Run Forrest Run" right? But I guess this is the best services they could gave us.

Stop Forrest Stop

This means, when you need help from waiter/waitress, just show Stop Forrest Stop. They will STOP walking and come to ask is there anything they could help.

(left) Run Forrest Run , (right) Speckled Lemonade

I order Run Forrest Run and it tasted great and fresh. It consists of fresh oranges, straberries, bananas and non-fat raspberry frozen yogurt. For Speckled Lemonade, lemonade with straberries or blueberries and Wei We choose blueberries - it tasted fresh.

Starter - Bubba's Far Out Dip

Spinach, roasted red peppers, artichokes and monterey jack cheese with homemade tortilla chips. I like this a lot!!!! It is super yummy. You should try and it is highly recommend by me. But don't look for me if you don't like it.. hehe.~~

Mama's Southern Fried Chicken
Boneless breast of chicken, fresh golden corn, mashed potatoes with gravy.

Since I don't really like shrimp, so I ordered this. It is not that yummy as I thought and I won't go for second try again.

Captain's Fish & chips
Battered Baramundi

hmm.. tasted normal..

Was playing with Wei Wei's cap.

Acting emo - Wei Wei.

After such a heavy meal, we walked around and took some picture.

Basin - for you to wash your hand. Quite creative right.

more picture of the interior @ Bubba Gump.

There was a waitress was so helpful. She saw us keep on took picture, then she came to us and explained to us about the interior. Then she brought us to another dining room.

This side is more British style but I will prefer the other site.

Beside that, there is a shop too. They're selling some t-shirt and souvenir but it is quite expensive.

*Credits to Wei Wei* - I it

It was nice to dine at Bubba Gump. Both of us were enjoyed in the Saturday afternoon and Wei Wei can't wait to plan for our next outing.

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  1. my favourite tom hanks film !!
    dy watch thousand times!!
    still got confusion whether its halal onot...sad

  2. 整间店的气氛都很不错

  3. Very exquisite and unique design! ;) nice photos too btw...

  4. hehe, u din sit @ the gump bench and tk photo?

  5. Dear Salleh,
    I also don't know isn't halal or not.. IF nope, then wasted.. Really a nice ambient..

    Dear Sock Peng,
    I guess is quite expensive at US too rite? At here also quite expensive, can't always go..

    Dear Christina,
    Thx girl :)

    Dear Bell,
    I sat, but didn't post up coz i'm looking fat.. haha ><

    Dear ET,
    Thank you :)

  6. OMG, I had wanted to try this restaurant for a long while but always ended up somewhere else.

    Me a total shrimp lover... yumz~

  7. I went to The Curve branch last two weeks ago. Foods not bad, but i prefer Chilis ~

  8. Dear YT,
    You should go and have a try since u're shrimp's lover..

    Dear Jerome,
    Yeah!!! I perfer Chillis too :)

  9. Weeee! Went to Bubba Gump once, the foods there abit expensive lor. But then ok lar the enviroment there.


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